Saturday, March 29, 2008

Home is....

First of all, my mom rocks. She has pretty much done all the dirty work. Secondly, my sister, Kim, and Chris and Greg rock too. They've all helped in one way or another.

We are officially in the new house. The old house is bare, save for some sand pails in the garage. Everyone mentioned has been wonderful in packing us, cleaning us, and getting us from point a to b.

It was sad today, for 3 minutes. I went to the old house and said goodbye. Then I went to the new house and unpacked. Or rather, my mom unpacked and I just did what she said. I think she and my sister feel bad for me and my ADD and lack of organizational skills.

But, at 6:30 the kids came home from Gramma and Granpa's (thanks for THAT too!) and we had baths and food and Easter chocolate. Then Jack and Nate started fighting, and I knew I was home.

Then I realized that although all our early memories may be imbeded in the walls of our old home, home really is where the kids are, where mom and sisters and good friends are giving their all, and where you hope to create more memories, more fun, more hope, and where love and laughter reside.

John and I spent our first night in the new house alone, and it was odd. Tonight will be better. The 3 biggest pieces of my heart and soul are here, and now, we are all home.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

A Good Career Move

I am hoping to find a sitter to learn more about this:

"The DC:0-3R is a developmentally sound, relationship-based approach to
understanding infant mental health needs. It describes infant mental health on
a 5-Axis classification system similar to other accepted mental health diagnostic
systems. The DC:0-3R provides a whole approach for looking at infant behavior,
which influences how practitioners assess, diagnose and intervene with infants
and families." Courtesy state of IL

Sounds like fun, doesn't it?

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Last Blog for Awhile....

Tomorrow Comcast is shutting off our old service and starting service in the new house. That means I will have no technological access to anything anywhere (we won't have anything set up until Saturday, I'm sure.)
Movers are coming Friday. They are pure labor, and they are cheap. John got them thru work, so he only has to get a truck.
Anyone who wants to help us move this weekend, let me know. But call my cell because as of tomorrow my phone will be off da hook and I'll be getting a new number.
Wish us luck! I can't wait to be there. Finally!!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Homage to My Online Girlfriend

Julz did it, and it worked out well for her. Now I've gone and done it too. I have an online mommy girlfriend, and she totally rocks. I've never met her face to face, but she sent me this awesome artwork for my new home. It's a hand drawn pic of the fam, and I suppose the best part is the boys aren't hitting each other, yelling, fighting, screaming, or whatever. We are all smiling. It's the best family photo we have. For realz. I will post a photo of it when it is properly framed and hanging in the "just the right" spot.

I don't know much about her except that she's an amazing woman and a great mom. Someday we will hook up and indulge in chocolate fountain (Thanks Juli for getting me hooked on THAT one!). I just know we'll be good friends. We like the same music, she has 2 boys, and she tells me how to color coordinate my home. What else is there?

So, online girlfriend (you know who you are!) Thanks for my mail today. It made my month, and for that I am indebted.

You totally rock!

PS I will save some Stale Peeps for the event of when you come to visit, and we'll HAVE to try them in the chocolate fountain. I can only imagine what heaven that might be!

Easter-in Photos and Totally Out of Order

Someday I'll figure it out. Then the pics will make some chronological sense.

Maddie and Oma make Taffy Apple Salad.

Not Easter, or her Easter dress, but she wanted to wear it. She's a good reader too.

The annual "What happens when you put a Peep in the microwave?" experiment. The kids, Opa, and Uncle Richie enjoy watching sugar explode every year. And then Jack ate it.

Watching Star Wars in their new chairs from Auntie.
Me and the kids. Notice Maddie eating....This is in the new house and she was having a picnic. Despite how it looks, there was only water in Nate's big red cup. Not beer.
Joe Cool.
Is that Stephanie or Brooke looking for eggs in Oma's semi-finished basement?

Maddie, wating for an opportunity to "borrow" some of Nate's candy.

This is how Nate plays play doh. Interesting.

Egg hunt at Jack's preschool/church. Yes, we were digging eggs out of the snow.
Can you find them all Nate?
Despite being knee deep in snow drifts, Jack was having a great time. His basket was FULL!

I hope everyone had a great Easter! We did!
AND-Horton Hears a Who was totally darling! Go see it today!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Your PSA for Today

All Children under age in in the state of IL are entitled to a full, free eye exam by a licensed provider. Check with your pediatrician for more info.

Out of Staters should also check with their local and state laws to see if your state provides a similar service.

Happy Easter!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Snow Day

I took the day off. We did nothing, except play play-doh, make cookies, watch Easter Bunny movies and the like. We had a jamma day and it felt darn good. We don't do it often enough. Plus, there was like, 9 inches of snow falling from the sky to the ground, so I didn't feel much like driving anywhere. Low key...saweet.

I'm considering Nate potty trained, even though he really isn't. Even though I spent most of the dinner time tonight cleaning the bathroom because, well, "boys miss". Even though this morning he peed on the carpet (on purpose) and hides in his closet to poo. He hates wearing pullups, and refuses to wear his overnight diapers at bedtime. Often times we find him changing his entire ensemble several times a night just to get out of the diaper and/or a wet pullup. While I'm glad he's noticing he's wet and not liking it, it's rather infuriating to deal with at 2 a.m. He likes to stand in front of the toilet and "make bubbles". Except, well, as stated earlier, he misses. A lot. Sigh.....Maddie has got to be easier. I've heard girls are easier. Is it true?

Tomorrow we may hit IHOP before the 2 Easter Egg hunts for Horton hears a Who hotcakes. Have you seen those things? Those colors are just not found in nature, and I'm sure the kids will be jacked up on preservatives and sugars and other unpronounceable chemicals, but it will be fun. I am all about having fun these days because the move, or lack thereof is getting pretty tiring. Soon now, we'll be in that house. I keep telling myself, soon.

I'm so tired, I'm planning on watching our weekly Man vs. Wild and heading to bed. I hope everyone has a great Easter, and Julianne, don't tempt me with a trip to Omaha to sunbathe in 50 degree weather. I may just take you up on it, except this time I wouldn't drive straight thru. I'd probably do an overnighter in Iowa City and visit the kids museum there. Maybe this summer we'll be a ringing that doorbell of yours and begging for chocolate fountain!!!

Hoppy Easter!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Winter Weather Advisory

This is what a Chicago Winter Weather Advisory looks like.
Where are the clouds?


Nothing much happening these days. I took the kids to a park today since we're supposed to be in a winter storm watch (ha!). It was good to see all their pals and play, until Jack pushed Mads from the top of a 6 ft. platform to the ground. She landed on her back, cried a little, and kept on like a trooper.
Hopefully my next bout of photos will be from the new house. Enjoy!


Cheese! I love Lallan. Even when she runs from me shrieking in fear!

Two-Wheeler! Yay!

Watch him go! He made it from our house to the 4th house up the hill. Such a big boy!

Kitchen sniper-probably looking for food.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The TapeWorm Diet

Sometimes idiocy just speaks for itself. I did find the flatulence piece of the cabbage diet amusing though.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Poor Baby!

Today I took Maddie in for her 15 month checkup. Yes, she was 19 months old last week. We're a little behind. That's the story of my life..."We're a little S L O W."

Good news, she is in double digits with her weight percentile- We've made it from the 2-3% up to the 12-13th%. She is large and in charge! NOT!

Doc started the typical developmental questions until I interrupted him and told him that developmentally she's fine...let's talk about these 7 diapers a day. Does she have maybe a food allergy I'm not aware of? Does she need a gastro work up? He doesn't think so, but to appease me, he suggested that when we do our CBC blood draw to get an iron count (haven't done it since she got off the iron drops in October) that we just add a metabolic enzyme workup to give to the lab. Fine. There's a needle in her anyway, why not?

Well, talk about your all time backfires. At 10:15 when we were done at Docs, I rushed her to the hospital to do the labwork. I figured I'd be out of there by 11 to rush back to school to get Jackster. Not so much. By the time we got back to the lab I was watching the clock tick 10:55 and ready to rush out. Since she's had blood drawn before, I figured it wouldn't take any time and then we could go.

We wound up going thru 2 phlebotomists and 3 sticks. Within these 3 sticks they kept the needle in her arms and then hand moving and digging because they kept blowing her veins. Poor baby just cried and cried and as I held her in restraint mode I was getting a little woozy too. Nate was making friends in the lab and pilfering suckers, but Maddie just looked so sad. She keeps pointing to the cotton on her wrist and saying, "Owwwie". "Owwwie".

I failed to mention to the lab that she's had rampant diarrhea for 3 days and hey, it looks like she may be a little dehydrated. Mother of the year awards may have to go to someone else this time around...

They did what they had to do. Now we wait for the results. I just hope I don't have to give her iron anymore. She hates that stuff.

I can't hardly blame her.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

"Tabhair 'om póg, is Éireannach mé"

Or, roughly translated, "Kiss me, I'm Irish!" And, yah dad, we ARE Irish! (John's cousin even bagpipes!)
Love those tin whistles, Bodhrans and Ulean Pipes!
Pretty and traditional!

Happy St. Pat's. What's that Irish Saying? "Pity the man sober man in the morning. That's the best he's gonna feel all day!" Enjoy your Smithwicks (Pronounced Smitticks in Dublin) today. I Sure will!


Saturday, March 15, 2008

"Whoo Hoo! The Entertainment Has Arrived!"

I got to go to my friend's daughter's first birthday today without the beasts. They had to go to Oma's because Daddy was in Iowa playing poker until 3 a.m. and then doing his baseball draft this morning. Of course I HAD to work, and it was a super busy day. I started new social skills groups today and they are all full. I have 19 kids in 3 classes, and I am busy busy busy. One of my groups is a very active group of kindergarten age boys (7 of them) who were literally bouncing off the sensory walls, so I have to find more activities for them to give them some proprioceptive input.

Anywho, after a VERY long day of treating kids individually and in groups I went to the party. I said hello to all my girlies, and then went to give my home boys kisses hola. When I walked in the room a small roar went out and someone (Ralph?) said, "Whoo Hoo! The Entertainment has arrived!". It's a good feeling to be wanted, and apparently I have a reputation for being able to have a good time. I don't know why.... Hmm....

This also came on the heels of my telling my good OT friend Kelly from Canada (She LOVES Canadian Bacon) that I'm throwing myself another 30th birthday party sometime soon. Apparently, her husband rather enjoys my company, especially when I am performing my best Michael Flatley, drunk dialing close friends' husbands, and expanding his vocabulary.

BK (before Kids) I used to be fun. I made people laugh. I had a good time anywhere and everywhere, and well, now that the kids are getting a little older and I am not attached breast to mouth I can be fun again. Not obnoxious, just fun.

So there it is, my New New Years Resolution that I never made. Have fun, BK, AK, even when the K's are around. And make those around me laugh. It's the least I can do.

Prost Homies. Prost!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Oh Lord, WHAT have I just gotten my self into?

Just registered for the Danskin Chicago Triathalon in July. Wondering how many ways I can torture myself before I hit 35, and thinking this may be a good start. Will be blogging on progress, training, dieting, etc and could use some sunshine pumping from time to time.

Pull for me ya'll. You KNOW I'm not an athlete in any sense of the word.

Oy and a Vey!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

I Smell Spring

Look how happy she is on the pot! She will be potty trained before Nathan, I'm pretty sure of it. He poops his pants and then runs around me in wide circles going, "I pooed my pants. Ha ha mom!"

I'm not laughing kid. Today was gorgeous! Spring may finally be here, or at least is coming close! I met some friends at a park that I didn't think would be too muddy, and the kids just RAN, and climbed and RAN! It was fantastic!

3 kids, one firetruck, multiple photo ops, not one of them all looking at the same time.

Hopefully the only motorcycle he'll ever ride. Of course it is located in the muddiest area of the park. Of course he had to keep going in there. Of course he got filthy dirty. But it's all good, he was wearing his Storm Trooper Boots.

Nate Climbing.

Nate on the Motorcycle. I'm pretty sure this won't be his last motorcycle ride. Yes, he's wearing his Buzz Jammies. That is what he dressed himself in today, and who am I to argue with his self-help skills development. He also pooped his pants and ran around the park saying, "I got Poo! I got Poo!" I made him have poo until we got home.

He didn't like it. Maybe he'll learn his lesson one of these days.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

No On the Piven

Sadly, the one thing that was untrue in the previous quiz was that I've never met Jeremy Piven. Never been to a Violent Femmes concert either, but I wish I could say yes on both counts.

Why My Brother Rocks

For the past three days my bro has been here painting and helping me move things. My basement is almost totally empty, John's closet now has space and the living room is totally empty. I cleaned the kitchen and bathrooms today and they look swell too, but this trying to do upkeep on 2 homes and moving everything, etc is really exhausting me. Because I still have to do all the usuall running, grocery shopping, diaper changing, and oh yeah, meal making as well. Too bad John can't take a day off....
Last night Rich and I had a blast as only a brother/sister combo can. We drank a lot of beer and started doing karaoke on the tv (comcast does it on demand, who knew?). He did a VERY impressive rendition of Britney's "I'm a Slave for You." We also talked about some serious stuff, like the shooting at Northern, and he's still having nightmares. I think he slept pretty well here though. Being in a home with a family (and not roommates) is very comforting.
Today on his 'lunch break' he ran to Walmart in his Keeper shirt and the check-out girl asked is he really was a keeper? Well, dearie, if you can look past the fact that he was playing Zelda on Old School Nintendo in between brush strokes, then, yah, he's a keeper.

Monday, March 10, 2008

All I want to Know is: Do They Come In a Man's size 10 and 1/2?

I got my Bed Bath and Beyond catalogue today and was stunned to find these little beauties in there. The premise is they can clean your wood floors as you walk on them. Or as you're cleaning everything else throughout the course of your day. (What is Gram Betty's saying? "Stick a broom up my ass and I'll sweep the floor while I make dinner?")
Now you don't have to have a pole up your butt.
Hmmm...There's a lot I could say about "cleaning slippers" but I won't. They look awfully narrow for my husband's feet, and there's a lot I could say about his cleaning abilities as well. But I won't. I think these kinda speak for themselves. How many more ways can stay at home Diva's multi-task?

Sunday, March 09, 2008

I Don't Know Quite What to Do with The Time

Currently listening to: Cowboy Junkies version of "Powderfinger" and Joe Purdy's "Can't get it Right Today", you know, that song from Kia commercials. It's a good song tho.

Any who.

I've been an insomniac for the past two days. For real, Friday night I saw 3:00 a.m. and finally took a unisom. Didn't work. Last night, same thing, except the time change made everything all jazzed up. When I told my dad, his 'solution' was, "Well, Winston Churchill was an insomniac."

I'm not kidding. That's the first thing he thought of when I said I couldn't sleep. Winston Freaking Churchill. Sometimes, I don't know what to say to the man.

John got the painiting in the boys' rooms done, and our bedroom as well. I have to choose a color for my sitting room. I feel like a snob saying that. My Sitting Room. Maybe I should become a snob. Except I wouldn't be very good at it. That being said, I am really liking orangey colors. Not like "ORANGE" but rusty, earthy orangey tones. Sounds and probably looks a bit 80's. Maybe I'm reliving my childhood??? Anyone have opinions?

John and I got to go on a date today. See, the kids are gone, we accomplished what we wanted to (Thanks Cheryl, you rock. All my china and crystal survived the trip and the unpacking). I packed and moved highly breakables, and I started sorting all the toys and crap these kids have. But, we were at a loss. Should we go out? Should we see a movie? Yes! We went and saw "The Other Boleyn Girl", which was pretty good. John was very seriously (swear to God) the only dude in the theater, and he liked the flick. I read the book and am pretty buff on the History of Royal England, so I filled in the things he didn't know. I know a lot of useless facts about a lot of useless things, but it was fun to get out nonetheless. We couldn't remember the last movie we saw together at the 'big show'. Don't know when it's gonna happen again, either.

I forgot how much I LOVE movies. I have been known to walk out of a theater because I missed the previews and wait an hour and a half for the next movie to start. I love the previews and I have made people sit and watch all the ending credits with me too. I get my 7 bucks worth but I just LOVE LOVE LOVE the whole movie experience. Can't say it enough.

I'm glad the kids are back from Grandma and Grandpa's though. That may have been the source of my insomnia. I don't like it when we're not all where we should be.

I missed 'em. I really really missed them. And THAT is a good thing!

Saturday, March 08, 2008


I saw this rockin' lid on at Aunt Mae apartment and I totally want it. Who wouldn't want a vintage crushed velvet green cloche hat? In my opinion, daily cloche hat wearing needs to make a comeback. Hey, if my dad can wear hats the Russian Army would wear, or his Elmer Fudd hats, I can like this kind of stuff.
I think I'm going to buy it if it's still for sale after work today. I love a good lid.

Friday, March 07, 2008

Piggy Tails

I tried. I really, really did. But I am not a girly girl. I don't know quite what to do, but I'm kina sure Mads isn't going to be one either, what with beating up people at the Y and playing with Power Rangers and all. But sometimes I think she tries to go to the other side. And I can't help her.

The following is my first attempt at doing 'girl hair.' The boys are easy. I NEVER comb their hair. It is dry and go ready. So, you can laugh. But not too hard, okay? My sis ALWAYS did my hair.

Okay, not too bad in black and white. You can't see the damage I did.

Oh, and THERE it is! First of all, it is NOT easy to work with Muppet hair. Secondly, she's a moving target. Thirdly, Yes, there is more rubberband than blonde, but I was using my hair ties since I don't have any for her (WHERE do you get teeny tiny ones anyway?).
Not too bad from the side. Jack said she looks like Brooke. Of course she DID NOT. My sister is trendy and knows what she's doing with girl hair. I'm a little slow on the uptake.
Okay, here's the worst of it. Sure, it looks like LL Cool J did her hair. I can't help who I am, but isn't she darn cute anyways?

Kinda Like Bar Trivia

Bar trivia is my most favorite thing to do ever. And I almost always win because I know a lot of things about a lot of things that are pretty useless and not worth knowing. So, like in bar trivia when the answers are erased one by one, I'm going to erase answers one by one from my latest "Which is NOT true?" quiz.

Ya'll who have voted have voted wrong. I was not cheating as Cheryl implied and singing the national anthem from my seat at a Cubs game with everyone else, but, in 8th Grade, I was on the field with my Junior High Chorus singing the National Anthem.

We were awful, and it's not a good memory. But, it's something I did. I was on the turf singing "O say can you see" with everyone in my Junior High choir. And for the record, I CAN carry a tune. I just don't do it unless I've tossed back a few.

So, re-vote. Which of the other 3 answers is NOT true?

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Meet the Newest Brute At the YMCA

Awwww...isn't she so cute and Tigger-ey?
Watch out for "Mad Face Maddie"!
Apparently, she was um, pushing and being 'assertive' amongst her peers today at the Y while I was working out (Tuesday and Thursdays are treadmill and weights days-getting ready for that Triathalon). She DID say sorry though.
Now, to figure out where these behaviors are coming from? Hmmm. Anyone have any ideas?

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Hello...Helmet Head

My appearance is lacking lately. Maybe it's the whole mama drama, I don't know. Maybe I just need some sleep and some sun. Not sure. But I feel pasty and pale. There are dark circles under my eyes, most likely caused by anemia, thalessemia and sleep deprivation. My hair is not growing down and long, it grows out, like a gigantic pouf, or helmet. I blame kids for that. Hormones have caused my previously stick straight hair to turn curly/wavy and now it is like a birds nest that travels with me wherever I go. I thought that maybe a facial and good haircut would help, but really, who am I kidding. I feel like I look old, and I'm not really getting younger so I guess there's no hope for the funk I'm in. Yuck. Sigh....

On an unrelated note, I'm still a little ticked at pastors wife (yes, PASTORS wife). First of all, let me say that I feel for these people with their 2 little kids. They live their life in a fishbowl, so I have a bit of empathy for them. But, a few Sundays ago when we were talking to a woman about to give birth I said, "Oh, just get your epidural and you'll be fine!". This woman (PW we'll call her) looked at me and said, "Why would you intentionally drug your baby?" Like, I had just done some crack and given birth, or shot up heroin, or something other than a pain releasing non blood barrier crossing epidural. I was stunned. I am sooo happy that SHE was able to give birth in her bedroom drug free. Good for you and your baby too. BUT, first of all, if I did that, who cleans that mess up? ME! And no thanks. Secondly, IF I had given birth at home I would have probably died, and so would Jack and Nate. Of that I am sure, since Jack had to be extracted with a vacuum, and Nate had the cord wrapped around him and I bled out so bad with Jack I was pretty much in line for a blood transfusion. So don't judge me because I did what I had to to get my kids here safe and healthy and to allow myself to survive the experience. It was for all intents and purposes a too judgemental comment on something very personal. And now that I've vented I can let it go.

In another unrelated note, anyone who makes some atrocity called "Spinach Cookies" should be sued for libel, or slander, or whatever it is. You either eat "spinach" or you eat "cookies". You do not combine the two and try to healthy up an unhealthy snack. And for the record, what is WRONG with a cookie? One a day keeps the kids happy, and mommy a little less crazy. Jack actually went to a birthday party where the "cake" was a VEGAN COOKIE. What the hell is a VEGAN COOKIE? Where was the frosting? Where was the day-glo favorite cartoon character painted on the top? It was ludicrous, and I turned down a sampling whole heartedly. How bout this...No more organic unhealthy food pretending to be healthy. Stop being overly granola. Haters.

Sorry about that. I just read about someone doing that and had to wonder why mommies are always trying to outdo one another with our giftedly organic Stepford kids.
My children are pretty gifted in 3 areas:
1.) Making messes they refuse to clean up.
2.) Crapping their pants (okay, Jack's better but 15 diapers a day later between the bottom too...I win this one, hands down. and
3.) Watching t.v. like zombies. Zoned out drooling Zombies. And I love it because it gives me a little bit of time to cook supper in peace.
I'm hearing stories already about Kinneygarten next year and how kids are in high or low level groups and how parents compare their kids academically, blah blah blah. Are my kids nice? Yup. Will they get whatever is being taught in their own sweet time? Yup. Do I care? Nope. I just want them happy. No performance anxiety here.

So, no more "My kid is better than yours" garbage. Unless we're talking about how to fill a diaper multiple times a day.

I win.

Jam It on the One!

Currently digging A Fine Frenzy's "Near to You." Beautiful. Check it out!

I'm pretty sure I'm the only chick in the gym running to Snoop Dogg and Johnny Cash. My iPod selection makes me laugh.

Love it!

Tuesday, March 04, 2008


I have taken under advisement from those who know better and have decided on Spiderman Wallies stickers for Jacks room (I'm still not painting the walls black), and Nate actually gets the Soup-man border. Now for Maddie. I can't decide. Not sure why I'm so Hell bent on fairies. Maybe because she's so little. Maybe because fairies represent innocence. Maybe because we could all use a little magic in our day.

Here is choice Number one. Now, her room is pretty big, so it won't be all bunched like this. And I'm not crazy about those cloud birds either. And we would not do the walls that dark. But I thought it was cute, even it it IS a bit Kitsch.
Here is choice 2. There would be 25 of these broads all over her room, with space for cute paintings or photos and of course her name in wooden letters on the wall. I also want to put a shelf along one entire wall for all her snowglobes and untouchables.

I don't like the flower stuff they have out there. Too old lady-ish. And some of the other "girly" stuff makes be vurp (yes "Vurp") alittle, with sayings like "bling bling" and "I'm a Diva" or "I'm a Princess". Please. Get over yerself, hunny. The son doesn't rise and set with you.
Hmmmm...any thoughts? I just want something innocent and girly. Even if she does play with Rescue Heroes and Buzz Lightyear!

Clown Feet

Mads got new shoes today, and her left foot is a whole half size bigger than her right. John now calls her "Stumps". Not a very flattering nickname, but, well it's better than "Crash Test" and "Dewey". (Guess which boy is which name) Her legs are so skinny that she looks like she has clown shoes on. You'll see.

This is Nate, and yes, those are gloves on his toes. He likes to put shoes on feet and hands and pretend to be a dog. Woof Woof!
Clown shoes!! Aren't they totally cute kicks though? And no, her pants weren't falling down. They're size 18 month and she needs them for the length, but little miss no belly can't keep 'em from bagging everywhere!
Just so you know I'm not kidding about either the mullet or her skinny legs, here's an okay shot of both. And I am also not kidding when I say we run a pants optional operation here. And her princess cd player is WAY cool. At least I know her legs come from my side of the fam. Ever seen my dads??? John complains about my bony hips and knobby knees, and well, I can't help genetics. (Too bad my 'front butt' or "muffin top' totally is my kids' faults!)
Inside and out, we Love Each other!
Mug shot preview (he'll probably be caught kegging at 16 and be laughing when the cops say, "Now hold the sign and turn to the left." I'm not sure what's on his face, it's certainly not the dinner he refused to eat.

Monday, March 03, 2008

I'm NOT crazy, AND Nate Likes Booze

Jack's future betrothed was also sick all weekend I found out. Except she's a lot worse and went to the doc today, who informed mom that there is an outbreak going around of whooping cough. Okay, so we know McHenry county has the highest rate of Whooping Cough every year in IL, so that is one of the vaccines I regularly guard my kids against. But, apparently the vaccine is being found as not being as effective as once thought. FAB U Louss!!!

I decided to buy some Cask and Cream (Think CHEAP but Good Bailey's) and was drinking a bit when Nate climbed in my lap and said "Nate want some. Nate like milk". Well, baby, this isn't milk. It's booze. "Nate like Boothe mom!".

Again, college fund is being refunneled to "Bail Money Fund." Feel Free to send donations.

Bouncer fun. This was the first thing we moved to the new house. Keeps them occupied while I clean, but it's still Wrestle mania in there. If you can't beat em, join em, right?

Okay, Maddie has a mullet. This photo doesn't do it justice, but she totally is business in front, party in back. It can't even be fixed because she has all this baby hair, and she HATES barrets or girly hair pretties. I'm not sure what to do, but she is damn cute. She has a commanding Vocabulary of the words, "Jack" , "Naughty" "poo poo", "chocolate" "cookie", "bye" "see ya soon", and "mamamama" and "dada". The speech therapists at work are impressed with all her food words. Especially since she's a 21 pounder in the 2-3 %. John gives her cookies and garbage all the time trying to fatten her up. I prostested saying she's gonna weigh 500 lbs. and he said her metabilism will pretty much just have to shut down for that to happen.
He's right of course.
She's our little pixie!! (Mullet and all.)

Sunday, March 02, 2008

The Down Side of My Job, and Goodbye College Fund, Hello Bail Money

Yesterday I was getting ready to go to work as I do every Saturday. I have changed my schedule a bit so I can go workout before I start treating kids, but ditched yesterday and spent a little extra time at home. I knew something was up when Jack got very emotional watching "Tigger and Pooh". He got very upset that Nate was making noise and started crying and being almost premenstrual. I told John to go easy on him, he wasn't feeling well.

Talk about an understatement. On my way home around 5:30 I called to see if we needed anything and John said, "no, oh and Jack's still sleeping". Still sleeping? Still sleeping? Still Sleeping? Jack doesn't sleep. Remember, he's a "pathological insomniac" that was Cured with an OT brushing program. Still, he doesn't nap for 4 HOURS!!! unless something is terribly wrong.

When I got home he was zoned on the couch trying to sleep and had a fever. He also complained about his headache. His head hurted so bad!!! Immediately my mind was racing (thus the downside of my job). Now, as a parent, I don't stress about very many things. What? He found that on the floor and is eating it? Must be still edible. Who colored on the walls today? (Or carpet, or furniture). Okay, I'll clean it up. Why are you eating Play-Doh? Sure, let's run wild in the germy habittrails at Mc'Donalds. It'll strengthen the immune system. How many episodes of Tom and Jerry have you watched today? I NEVER made people wash their hands before they held the kids, and when things come up lately that could be a huge deal I stop and think: Who is this hurting? If it's someone other than the offender, than there's a stop put to the insufferable behaviour. If it's only the kid who's needing to learn a lesson, well, they learn their own lessons, and sometimes the hardway. Some Things are not worth the battle (Sure you can wear shorts out today in 30 degree weather. Let your kid get away with it. They learn that lesson quickly, and then come to trust your better judgement as a parent).

I digress. There are two MAJOR things though, that as a parent I DO stress about. #1 is car seat safety. I am not the greatest driver (mostly at night) because I lack a little thing called "depth perception". Plus, since having kids I get very nervous very easily when other cars get to what I perceive as being too close to my vehicle. And don't get me started on speeding and maniacal driving. These are my babies I am toting around. I err on the side of caution to a fault.

The #2 thing I am a FREAK about is sickness. Illness. Ear infections (hearing loss?), or anything else weird. This is an Occupational Hazzard I am afraid. So, of course when Jack is saying he has a headache, my first thought is Not of "oh, Poor baby", it's "John, maybe I need to take him to the ER for an MRI. Kids don't just get headaches. What if he has a tumor, or brain aneuryism, or meningitis. Or WORSE!"

Or, what if he caught a little flu virus at school and needs to sleep it off? Totally normal kid thing. But, unfortunately I have seen the worst of what can happen if a medical issue is ignored and I tend to sometimes go over the top to prevent any medical issues for any little thing. This is not to say I have my kids in bubbles to prevent colds and things like that. But, the second some weird virus takes hold I am crazily monitoring fluids, watching for pupil dilation, analyzing gait and tone, etc. etc. etc.

AND, I am a big freak in the Dr.'s office too. I am my kids' biggest advocate, and my Doc has come to expect me to bring issues to him. Like at Maddie's last Healthy baby appt, I was telling him about the development of her pincer grasp and hey by the way, check out her frenulum do you think that affects her oral motor abilities (resulting in an ENT visit and surgery), and NO we are not vaccinating against viruses AB or C today, but we'll do just ONE of these on the list. -Side note, Neither Nate or Maddie has had their Hepatitis shots. Neither of them are doing IV drugs or having sex yet either, so I still don't find it necessary until I have to-.

Long story short, Jack is fine, but I'm exhausted. I didn't sleep much last night because I kept checking on him, monitering his fever, and rate of respiration, and how dilated his eyes looked, etc, etc, etc. I am a nutjob for sure. But, when you see the worst that can happen.....

On to better, funny, happy things. We are no longer saving for Nate to go to College. He may make it there eventually, but all the money in the account we have for him may just go for Bail Money. Yes, as in JAIL BAIL. This little sniper today got into the high up cabinet (using a chair while I was changing Maddie's diaper upstairs), grabbed the 4 lb bag of M &M's down that we use to reward good Potty Behaviour, Closed the Cabinet, Pushed the chair back to it's original spot, and snuck into the basement. I totally caught him off guard and busted him, but what I can't get over is the fact that a 2 and 1/2 year old COVERED HIS TRACKS, and HID THE EVIDENCE!!!

Nate was my best baby. Textbook easy. Now I know that it is only to have prepared me for the life of grief and grey hair I will get from trying to raise him to be a good boy (which he tries very hard to do). He's just a little like Dennis the Menace. Or Tom Sawyer a little bit (or is he more a Huck Finn?). Not a BAD kid, just naughty enough and the stunts he pulls are ingenious, and just a little funny.

Wish me luck with this kid. I've got my hands full with him alone!