Sunday, October 25, 2009

Farting Around With Fall

I'm so upset I haven't been taking a lot of pics lately. I'm VERY upset we missed our annual trip to the apple orchard, thanks to Jack having a nice little ER visit not too long ago to rule out possible meningitis and to get treated for pneumonia. Truth be told, he probably had this H1N1 thing, as it happens to be all over the schools around here. But we got drugs and we got better, and I got my camera out yesterday and got over it.

This smile here is so much better than his actual school picture. On his school pic, he was trying desperately to cover his missing teeth holes with his lip. And you got to see a lot of his ears.
She was trying to wave Bery fayast. You can even see the blur.

The cause of all my futre gray hairs. Each one will be named Nate.

Now the really fun photos. I just may try to name them:
Exhibit A: Skeletor

Exhibit B: Rotate it and it becomes: Scary 9 year old Scarecrow.

Oh yeah, while I was taking pics I got shot with a baseball bat. We also had pajama day yesterday.

Exhibit C: Unsalvagable Tomatoes.

Exhibit D: Crumpled Garden

Aaaand...more of Jack. On a scooter. In his army guy jacket and "storm trooper boots".

Quote: 'Look at me mommy! I'm rolling!"



Leaves on the mower path.

Sneaking brownies with a buddy.

Subtitled: More than a little trouble.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Mom Prom

Last Friday was the Mom Prom Halloween Costume Party/Dance at Jack's school. We got dressed up and everything. He went as an army guy (GI Joe is a big deal this season, what with the new movie and all) and I went as Wenda. Wenda is Waldo's girlfriend from the Where's Waldo? books, which are funny in their own way. I got the idea because one year John went as Waldo, and since I sort of look like her I ran with it.

Most of my costume came from the resale shop, except the tights. Those I bought new, and I already had brown orhopaedic looking shoes.

So here's the 'real' Wenda (there is a whole backstory on this chick if you want to check it out on Wikipedia).

And here's Jack and I all ready to go!
Yes, that is tape on my shirt, made to look like stripes. You can't buy a red and white striped shirt anywhere. I looked. But the denim skirt is actually really cute, and it's an Ann Taylor that cost less than five bucks. Score!
I love this army pose. It's awesome!

We got to play fun games too, like pass the shrunken heads (sort of like hot potato) and tug of war (somehow the 10 moms lost agains their 10 or so sons-since some moms had more than one son), freeze dance, limbo, donut snacks. It was a blast. And then afterwards I was going to take him out to dinner for burgers and stuff. I let him pick where he wanted to go....and the answer was McDonald's.
I love a cheap date!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Another Article

Okay, I admit that this isn't the most well written/articulate article, but it still gave me points to ponder. Especially since Jack had something with a minute (pronounced minoot) amount of milk in it 2 days ago and immediately his throat was scratchy. I really should get the other 2 tested, but I've cut down significantly on our milk consumption anyway, it's mostly eliminated from their diets as it is.

I think for this article, the comments are the most informative, especially the one written by 'anonymous' touting Dr. Sears (sp?) and his wife's diet/pill popping to control her various maladies. Hey, everything is okay if you take a pill to fix it right?


Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Do Your Best!

Okay, really, how cute is he? Totally, right?
Now, who wants to buy some Cub Scout Popcorn? C'mon, you know you want it!


I looked online and found my last race results, which incidentally were not that bad. Overall I placed in the top 25th percent (which I did NOT figure out, I left that to the resident accountant). My swim placement was even higher, since I placed somewhere in the 200's range out of over 1700 women.
My YMCA is doing a 'tri' workout in a few weeks. It's just a 30 minute swim, a 40 minute bike and then a 3 mile run. No quick transitions, no's just a workout. I'm on the fence about doing it since I've been working on this since March. Thoughts?

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Why Are You So Mean to My Kids?

I swear, my husband whipped that one out on Thursday. He literally looked at me after eating a cookie, making his "Oh this is just not even meant to be called food" face and point blank asked if I hated the kids.

"Of course I don't hate the kids!"
"Well, then WHY are you so mean to MY kids?"
"What on EARTH are you talking about?"
"What the hell is this? An ORGANIC OREO???? This is just not right. I can't believe you bought these things. For heavens' sakes, they're called 'Back to Nature' cookies???!!! Again, I ask, Why are you so mean to these kids?"
"Well, they ARE dairy free....."

This question has been asked of me many, many many times. Like the time I put on the old 'Annie' movie. John asked which kid was in trouble and being punished. Dude, I LOVE musicals...especially Annie! Tim Curry....Bernadette Peters (and with a raised eyebrow he will inquire WHO THE HELL IS BERNADETTE PETERS???), Carol Burnett? "Annie " is NOT a punishment, it is a real musical treat and fun for the whole freaking family!!!

So, we differ on nutrition and dietary variety (thank God I'm in charge of that area for the most part because my kids would never shake hands with Mr. Green Vegetable. Ever.).
And, we differ on what is good old fashioned family fun entertainment. But I suppose there are a few things we agree on.

I just can't seem to think of them right now.