Thursday, August 31, 2006

Officially Orientated

Last night we had Jack's orientation for school. We went step by step thru the parent handbook, and I have to say I feel quite good about the school itself. I busted John for tuning the speaker out. We aslo got some free samples of some market day brownies, and they were quite yummy!! In my opinion, that alone made for a successful orientation.

Lately, Jack has been telling me that he is not going to go to school, which makes me slightly nervous. He'll be fine once he's there I'm sure, but getting him there...may be a challenge the first few days. Good thing he's going with his future wife and wardrobe provider Julia (they play in her dressup box together often).

We have officially been orientated to Jack's school, teachers, program, etc. The Director informed us that she will be standing in the hallway on the first day passing out tissues to distraught parents. All I could think of was with 2 little ones, there is no time for me to be distraught, so no tissues for me. Besides, I never cried when I went to school, and I am thrilled for him to be taking this next step in his life. Perhaps when Maddie goes I will need the tissues, her being the baby and all, but by then I may also be ready to sell all my kids to gypsies for a very low group rate. Who knows. And who knows what I'll be like Thursday, his first "real day" of school. I'll keep everyone posted, but for now, we'll just say things are looking good...other than him being in denial about going to school.

Who knew the idea of fingerpainting could be so dramatic?

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

butter and ice cream

This is an issue of huge debate here in this house. When we went to premarital counseling through church, we discussed things THEY thought was important, like kids and money. The real life stuff...not even touched upon.

So here we are having "discussions" about what you would think would be negotiable topics, but they're really not.

#1: My Side: Neopolitan ice cream is gross. For the record, my brother and sister agree, and my mother never bought it for us as kids. Chocolate--GOOD, Vanilla--GOOD, Strawberry--GOOD. All 3 flavors mixed in one container? VERY VERY BAD!!! You just can't mix flavors like that. It's unconstitutional.

His side: If you like all 3 flavors, then what's the problem?

My Side: It's just not right, and that is all there is to it.

Next topic:

#2: My side: When you are buttering bread, use pats. Evenly measured from the stick, please.

His side: He has no side.

He just takes the knife and skims across the top of the entire stick, thus making it impossible for me to measure even amts. in tablespoon form for the next recipe unless I get a fresh stick. Anyone doing grocery shopping lately knows that dairy in any form is not cheap these days.

However, I do have to say, that if these are the worst of our problems, I'll take it. Everyone should be so lucky, and really, he's a great guy. He just has bad taste in ice cream. I love him anyway though....

Aaah, the things married couples "fight" over.....

Saturday, August 26, 2006

The Girl

The Girl is how my husband refers to his daughter. As in, "How is the Girl doing". Oh, your daughter MADILYNN is doing great. Sometimes, Maddie gets lucky and is refered to as "Baby sister". Jack either calls her Baby sister, or (excuse the spelling) Equay Bequay, who was some basketball player from the 70's. We have my dad to thank for that one.

This newborn GIRL is old. She's very very old. She's an old soul who looks at me in this crazy testosterone filled house with these eyes that say "now what"?? Or, they may be saying "Thanks alot, how did I get the short end of THIS stick". I'm not sure. But I do know that when I look at her I see I have a lot of expectations to meet, and I know that I am going to fall very, very short. People say "Oh, you got your girl". Yes, yes I did, didn't I. And then I look at her and think, "I got my girl and then some".......

Friday, August 25, 2006

Friends vs. Family

I hate to say it, but I have to. Even though I know she's going to read this blog. Even though I mean what I'm about to say in only the nicest terms possible, but there's no way to go about saying it delicately so I just have to "word vomit" (Thanks Lindsay Lohann in Mean Girls!) it out. Forgive me for saying it, but Julianne moving to Nebraska has been close to one of the most magical things that has ever happened to me and my family. Don't get me wrong here, I miss her and her adorable chitlins, but if she had never left and had a going away dinner, I would never have made the friends I have since.

I am a VERY strong believer in karma, and everything happening for a reason. Julianne had to leave so that I would make other mom friends before I had baby no. 3 and not be so isolated and alone here. Of course, I could have met these moms had she stayed, probably, but, who knows??? Because while I have a lot of friends with kids, most either live a good distance away or they work, so playdates are minimal and become big "Day Trips". It's nice to have a playgroup to just meet at a park and gripe with on a regular basis.

These moms, I have come to discover, are not only really good moms, but they are an incredibly wonderful group of women. They took me out the Sat. before Maddie was born, just as a last hurrah. And now, this entire week, a different mom has provided my family with a meal every night. It's been fantastic food too, comfort food on every level, complete with salads, breads, sides, a main meal, and of course everyone has brought a dessert. This has been amazing, appreciated, and very much enjoyed.

So this is where the "Friends vs. Family" title comes in. My family calls every single day, several times a day, but otherwise, we're not getting much by way of "extra help". Okay, my mom brought dinner for us last Saturday, but otherwise, we're not getting any "extra help".
Or "extra sleep" either since the boys' adjustment seems to be affecting nothing but their sleep habits and patterns (can I say NO NAP for either child happened today??? Not good when Jack woke up at 4:45 and was FORCED back to bed by a mother who was up every 2 hours). I understand everyone is busy, and has to work, so, while my family helps me out in a bind when we need them to, and they're great about it, our friends have stepped up to the plate and become sort of our extended family this week. My mom repeatedly has said that she has better friends than family and she's right...her siblings are all crazy and I'm glad she's gotten closer to my dad's sisters as of late. They've been awesome too, but that's another Blog.

I guess I owe Julianne a heartfelt "Thanks for Moving", but it's not right(my heart's not in it), because while I am so blessed to have made these friends because she left, the point is she left, and EVERYONE misses her and the girls. I suppose this is the one time in my life I was able to make the proverbial lemonade out of lemons, I just wish I wouldn't have had to, and I had a crystal ball that would have told me things would be relatively the same for me had she stayed.

Damn, these meals have been good though!!! :-)

My Pretty Walls

Wednesday John had a Dr. appt. at 8:30 a.m., so I was left solo with all 3 mini-John's for a few hours. I decided to clean up a bit. Why, I am still not sure, Lately it's so pointless to even try. Anyway, I was down in the basement doing something productive, Nate was in his high chair eating, and Jack was coloring. With Markers. On my wall. Of course, I didn't know about the wall part until he called me up by telling me to "Come and See your pretty walls mommy"! These were not the nice Crayola washables either, and nothing got out the big green circle on my mustard colored wall. Mr. Clean's magic eraser dimmed it a bit because it took off some paint as well. I am dreading John going back to work. Call a wrecking crew because the house may just fall down around us....

And the preschool countdown starts...11 days 11 days 11 days....

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Sexy Back and Naked Bongos

I can't help it. I love this Justin Timberlake song. When you are breastfeeding at 3am for the 6th time of the night watching bad videos on VH1 and it comes on, it's like a mantra....I'm bringing Sexy Back...I'll let you whip me if I misbehave... It just makes breastfeeding entertaining for about 4 minutes, plus it's got a great beat.

Let me also add on here while I'm thinking of it that if I could party with any celebrity it would totally be Matthew McConaughy (ignore the spelling!). Honestly, who couldn't have a good time with a dude who tokes up and plays naked bongos? Not to mention, I recently read an article where he partied in Costa Rica and the natives there thought he was a gas. Whoo Hooing and yucking it up for hours on end drunk as a skunk. Those who criticize his antics apparently don't know how to go out with the fun drunk guy and have a good time.

As for myself, an introduction and a tall cold one for the both of us would be just fine. I may forget that I'm a prototypical suburban housewife for a little while...Now, to find my own set of Bongos............

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Put me back in!!!

...The hospital that is. Put me back in the hospital. Tuesday, Maddie had a hard night trying to regulate her body temp and needing to be suctioned of all the goo left in her lungs during birth. I slept uneventfully almost all night. The nurses had to take care of her, so I didn't worry and I rested.

Wednesday, I didn't have visitors until after 1. John wasn't even there. I slept off and on until 12:30. I woke up and my lunch tray had arrived uneventfully. That night, I slept pretty well too.

And here it is Saturday, and I don't think I've slept since. She's doing great, yeah, she's up now and then, but that's what babies do. It's the other 2 that are crazy. Thursday, our first night home was nuts. Jack was nuts with the hard transition and adapting. I can't blame him, this is hard on a kid, but man I'm tired.

I just want to go back to the hospital and sleep. I want to have others watch my children and bring me food on a tray, and constantly ask if I need anything, refill my juice or water without asking, give me a manicure and afternoon tea with a cookie or cinnamon role. It's like a spa with a catheter and IV but once those are out you really don't mind. Just for a couple more days, nothing permanent. Just to get some rest, and what can be considered "Pampering" to a Crazy Mom chasing after 3 kids now. Just a little sleep.....just a little....

The Divine Miss M

Madilynn Grace came into this world on August 15th at 3:46 p.m., weighing in at 7lbs 6.5oz and measuring 21 inches long. Compared to the boys, this was a dream birth. In fact, all babies should be born like this. I went into the hospital at our scheduled 7:30 induction time, meeting up with Nurse Wonderful, Karin. She started me on all my drugs (pitosin) by 8, and by 8:30 my water was broken and labor was in swing (not FULL painful swing, but moving along). I opted for an epidural around 11 ish, and I am seriously wondering what the hell I waited so long for when I had the boys. I truly believe now that an early epidural is key to an early birth!!!

What was sooo very cool about Maddie coming into this world was that there was absolutely NO drama. She almost was out before the Dr. arrived. I had 2 pushes with Doc and was told to stop, and I just looked down and watched everything happen. She was so small, there was literally no pain or pressure, and while surreal, it was the most amazing thing to be able to watch so calmly. She was immediately put on my chest, but I told Karin to take her away, I needed to hear her cry and breathe. Her apgars were perfect, 8 and then 9.

I didn't get sick until I was in the recovery room. I always get sick, but it wasn't so bad. She's here and she's perfect. I look forward to a lifetime of loving her.

Monday, August 14, 2006

It's GO TIME!!

I got the call from the hospital today....Baby Girl Crick is making her grand arrival tomorrow, Tuesday, August 15, hopefully in the early afternoon. The stars aligned, we got lucky and got on the schedule, and we will have a fantabulous nurse taking care of us for 2 days. I am so tired I've forgotten how to be excited, but I did get weepy thinking that after tomorrow Nate will no longer be my baby. I loved having him as my baby for a while, he's been very, very good at it. Jack is really going to be the "big kid" and the boys bachelor days are coming to a close.

A little shout out to my sister...she's WAY too organized for being a mom, but she came up today and helped me get the baby's room together. The boys were terrors for a bit, but my bro got them out while we got a lot accomplished. Actually, to give credit where it's due, she got a lot accomplished. I was kinda useless, but I let her do her thing, and the room looks awesome. Way to go little sistah!! A million and ten thank yous.

So gang, wish us luck, and the next time I write, I will have a daughter!!! A little being in the house who WON'T pee on the seats, and will put the lid (I said lid, not seat) down when she's done. Now THIS is progress!!

Friday, August 11, 2006

The Peanut

I am now referring to my daughter as "The Peanut". It's either that or "The headache I constantly had before you were even born because I was made to worry so much" but since that is such a long title, I'll settle for "The Peanut".

Yesterday at the OB we discovered that I've lost another 1 and 1/2 lbs. That's over 3 lbs in 2 weeks. Not sure how that keeps happening, but, whatever. I am still only measuring at 34 cm (for the 4th week in a row), so I was told I had to have yet another non stress test. She is doing just fine, but I was also told that if I didn't induce soon, I'd have to keep coming in for tests. I wanted Tuesday, but they were all booked, so Thursday Aug. 17th it is. Unless someone else delivers before Tuesday, and then I get their slot. Either way, less than a week to go.

I'm just hoping all is well. Doc says I'm smaller than I was with the boys so she will likely be smaller. I'm slightly afraid that she may not be growing the way she should be in utero. My BF nurse extraordinaire says she may just need to come out to get to where she should be. Last week they estimated she was about 6 lbs., so maybe she'll be about 7 or so at delivery time. I'm not sure what I'll do with a smaller baby, the boys were so...mmmm..robust I guess is the best word. Big feet, big hands, BIG HUGE HEADS!!! That may be Miss Thing's saving grace...small head, quick delivery. Now wouldn't THAT be nice for a quick recovery!!!

Thursday, August 10, 2006

To Hell with Suspicious Pharmacists!

Okay, I get it. Druggies are buying children's cold medicine and making meth labs out of it. I get it. However, when a pregnant woman with 2 snotty and whiney children in a shopping cart stops at the prescription window for a little help, is it just too much to ask that I don't get questioned as if it were ME starting a meth lab? I don't even have time to shower every single day, much less try chemistry experiments in my basement.

I'm also slightly confused here on what the point is of drug companies "reformulating" this children's medicine so that it is basically rendered ineffective anyway? Is there some kind of conspiracy out there to make being a stay at home mom just that much more difficult? Have these people ever been at home for 12 straight hours with 2 sick and crabby kids? Do THEY know what it's like to sit in a Dr.'s office for an hour just "waiting our turn"? (To then be told to go to your local pharmacy and get the evil eye from the pharmacist for trying to buy reformulated ineffective medicine because all that's wrong is that your kids have is a virus.) My gut feeling on this one, is a resounding NO.

I'm thinking that if moms were actually in politics (because we have SO much time to be involved) this country would be a more likeable place. There would definitely be a lot more time outs for the bad guys out there!!

Monday, August 07, 2006

Something's not quite right....

There is something inherently wrong with the cosmic alignment of stars, moons, and planets when a husband tells his wife 11 days before she is due with baby number 3 that he is tired in the middle of the day and would like a nap. There is something terribly, terribly wrong with wife's Karma when said hubby is sooo drained after going to an hour and a half movie with a 3 year old while hugely preggo wife is home on hands and knees cleaning the kitchen floor, doing laundry, vacuuming, etc...

The gods were smiling on the XY genetic code on Sunday. In fact, it seems as though the gods are always smiling on the XY genetic code. What was Eve thinking when she picked that stupid apple? Oh, right, probably that Adam needed more fruit in his diet, or fiber, or his cholesterol was high. At any rate, she was probably doing it for HIS benefit in the first place, as is the role of wives, mothers, sisters, and daughters.....

Friday, August 04, 2006

Bad Mom/ Computer deficient

I was told by my 3 year old before the digital clock on the stove read 6:20 a.m. that I am, in fact a "bad mom". Not only that, but "You are a mean lady who should go live in the castle", by which I am assuming he meant I bear an uncanny likeness to The Wicked Witch of the West. The reason for all the drama? He had wet thru his pullup that he only wears overnight, and I was trying to put him in dry clothes. Heaven help the mom who makes the 3 year old take off the Superman Jammies!! This entire incident of course, was the ego boost of the day, and things went swimmingly from there.

Today was better than yesterday though, too many tests on baby girl, who is absolutely fine, just small for her gestational age. I got a great face shot of her via an "emergency" ultrasound, and she looks like Nate, I swear. I also had it triple confirmed that yes, it is still a girl. The ultrasound was exciting, she was sticking out her tongue and moving like crazy! Can't wait to meet her, 13 days until the due date, and counting....August 17th (or before) here I come!

Yesterday was too long to comment on, but I have to own up to the fact that when the fill in for my regular Doc who is out of town expressed concern that "I'm still measuring small, ultrasound looks good...but we want to run a non-stress test" I wasn't worried. In fact, the NST was relaxing in that I got to sit in a hospital bed in a QUIET room by myself and watch bad bad bad daytime t.v. and doze. She did swimmingly by the way....passed with more than flying colors.

Getting back to today though...I'm sitting here, trying to figure out my NEW birthday camera, and I'm getting there, but I cannot figure out how to put pictures on this blog. It keeps saying there's an error in the upload. I've got some great ones of Little Man scarfing down Pizza...the 8th wonder of the world if it were up to him! They're really cute pics too!! I am not a techie, never claim to be, but DAMN this is frustrating!

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Practically Geniuses

The boys are brilliant, I swear. They are not going to need their college funds because they will get full rides to a school of their choice!

Of course I'm just kidding. It's really hard to believe in genius when the 13 month old is putting pizza on top of his head because the 3 year old is finding it hilarious, or both trying to drink the bathwater they both probably just peed in. But I digress.

Yesterday, Jack read "Brown Bear" start to finish for me. And then for John. He can read at age 3. Isn't that amazing??? Before you start to agree that, yes in fact, he is boy wonder, let me tell you he's heard the story a hundred and two times, and before he would "read" the page, he kinda peeked at what was to come. All based on memory, but not bad pre-reading skills, right?

Nate has picked up a few words, too. He understands a lot as well. If we say, "Go get your shoes" he will get them and sit down waiting for us to help. He says "mmaa" For More, mama, and milk. Occasionally I get an "aa duh" for all done. He also says "Uh Oh" really well, and "UP". I can't remember what Jack's language was like at this, but I'm hoping that Nate is right on par where he should be, since as I've mentioned before he never gets a word in edgewise.

Nate's my lover though, he'll give kisses and hugs whenever you ask, and sometimes even when you don't. Jack's sweet (at times) too, but he's too busy most of the time. I miss cuddling him as a baby, and am anticipating what's going to happen with baby girl. Can she be so totally different from the other two who are already polar opposites?
Hopefully, we'll be finding that out very, very soon!!