Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The Saga Continues...

After speaking with a good friend yesterday after Maddie's blood draw, I began to freak out. Actually, she freaked me out. What if due to her adhesion Maddie can't pee all the way and stuff has been getting backed up into her kidneys, or renal tubes? What if because I didn't know better I damaged her for life? Why has no Doc. thought to look into this?

She wound up calling her doc, only because she felt bad about freaking me out and they couldn't believe what happened, so I went there today for a second opinion. Apparently, the labial adhesion would almost prevent a bladder/kidney infection because she is so closed up nothing is getting past the barrier, so everything is essentially coming out clean. What worried the doc at this point was the high fever coupled with the high white blood cell count and no real answers, no ear infection, no cold like symptoms, etc.

So, we put a bag on M. to get a urine culture, but she was uncooperative and didn't pee until I'm sure 5 seconds after we took that bag off and walked out the door.

However, Doc is sending us tomorrow for a renal ultrasound to ensure that there is nothing "anatomically abnormal' which would cause a bladder/kidney or UT infection. And based on the other things going on (fever, et al) there was a rampant infection in her body somewhere caused by something. An abnormality....This could be tube twisting, blockage, etc. My gut says Maddie is just fine, but it feels good just to be sure. In 2 weeks we're going to run a urine culture to get a good reading on if everything is "cleaned out" so to speak.

So, for now, I'll just drink a beer and not think about tomorrow. Actually, the most daunting part of tomorrow is the 1 hr. 9 minute drive to the hospital I need to go to to take care of this, but we do what we do cuz we love them, right?

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

More On the Hospital

Ran today with Maddie this a.m for another blood draw for her iron levels at the hospital outpatient services. If they don't improve, she may need an iron supplement. Doc says they usually don't even do this blood draw before a year old but...yada yada yada.

Will keep everyone updated on the Divine Miss M's progress.


Current Meds as Follows:

Nate: AM- Dose of Antibiotic, CHECK!
AM Dose of Motrin to keep fever down, CHECK!
AM Dose of Robitussin, CHECK

Afternoon: Dose of Robitussin, (Damn he fell asleep)

Still to do: Evening dose of Antibiotic
Evening dose of Motrin
Evening Dose of Robitussin

AM dose of Antibiotic, CHECK!
AM Dose of Vaginal hormonal Cream to open labia (which takes up to 4 WEEKS), CHECK!
AM Antibiotic for eye infection (which if the tear duct doesn't open by June will require a surgery to open) CHECK
Motrin: Not needed this a.m.

Afternoon dose of eye ointment, CHECK

Still to do: Follow morning protocol.

If you're counting and including fever reducers, that's 16 different meds distributed throughout the day (with multiple dosings)

And my husband had the NERVE to say he really doesn't get what it is I think I'm doing all day, or what do I do all day? (Besides, according to him, talk on the phone, which I really can't do because all our batteries die within 5 minutes).

I don't get paid enough for this crap!

Never A Dull Moment

I don't think you can get any more tired than I am right at this moment. Really.

Friday, Nate started a continued off and on all weekend, spiking as high as 102 +. Same thing with Maddie, but when her fever spiked 104.3 Sunday night I was so afraid of febrile seizures that I packed up both kids and ran to the hospital.

There, we discovered that the children, will in fact, survive. Nate has Sinusitis, or better put, a runny nose.

Next Kid: She's a little more messed up. Because her fever was so high Doc wanted a urinalysis and blood draw done. Blood Draw turned up a really hight white blood cell count, low iron, and borderline dehydration. Had Nate not been there sick with me, they said they may have kept her for observation.

Urinalyisis was a completely different issue, as they couldn't do one. Doc wanted a straight catheter put in, but the Nurse couldn't do it, because as we found out, Maddie has a "labial adhesion". This basically means her labia are "adhered together" and she may or may not have been born this way, but the bottom line is that kids who have this issue are more prone to Urinary Tract infections. So this poor baby could have been pissing fire for MONTHS and we never knew (how could we?) The mommy guilt of not realizing this sooner, is of course in full swing. I was assured however, this has nothing to do with cleanliness, it's most likely a hormonal issue.

On top of this, I didn't here the full word "adhesion". I heard "esion" and in my exhausted, frantic mommy state translated it into "lesions' and immediately was expecting a visit from DCFS because hospital staff thinks I hurt my baby.

Thank God her fever came down in the hospital, otherwise they were going to insert a needle thru her pubic area straight into the bladder to get a urine sample. All I could picture was an amniocentisis type needle plunging foot long into my poor baby. Needless to say, it was a long ride home.

The light at the end of the tunnel is that even if an ER visit wasn't really warranted, it's worth the money to find out about her issues "down there" because we would have NEVER known. I have 2 boys, their parts are easily identifiable for crying out loud!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Is there Anything Better...

Than 3 naked babies in the tub?

No More Markers

This happened a couple of weeks ago, with black Sharpie magic marker. Not only was it all over my children, it was all over the walls, and furniture as well. And Darlene, Thanks, that Magic Eraser is seriously the best invention ever. I don't know what's in it, and I do not care. My furniture is relatively marker free now....

Jack displays his self-imposed tatooes.
Check out THE BOTTOM OF THE FOOT. This little number got sharpie on my new carpeting.
Is Sharpie marker toxic at all?
I can't figure out how to flip the photo, but you get the jist. Nate was Jack's canvass for the day.
The words, "Hey mom, I look like a pirate!" are never a good thing to hear.
Keep in mind that during all this, both parents were home, tending to usual household duties. Also keep in mind that Body Art Part II took place yesterday as I was putting the little ones down for a nap. Jack now has purple spots on his torso and a purple belly button.
I really need to figure out how to clone myself and be 2 places at once....

Happy Easter!

The kids had so much fun with their dad. We had 9 colors to choose from when coloring the dozen we hard boiled. Every egg was cool is that?

The Easter Bunny....

Came to our kids again, and again, and again, and again, and again. 4 1-Gallon freezer bags of chocolate and 12 milk chocolate bunnies (the 12 " ones or bigger that you can only buy in the fancy boxes) later these kids will be on a sugar high until they are 15 years old.

Do you think Women's Shelters, or food banks take chocolate, since it's not a non-perishable item (but how long would it last, really?)

Any ideas what to do with all this would be great!!!

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Pelvic Pain

If you read my previous blog and followed the SPD link, I just want you to know that my pain is still present, but my initial Symphisis Pubis Dysfunction was most likely caused by misalignment in my pelvic floor (Thank you Gymnastics and dreams of being the next Mary Lou Retton).

My relief came in the form of physical therapy and cranial sacral realignment. I have been advised to never run for exercise purposes, and to stick with "water aerobics" by my physical therapist. It still hurts to lift one leg up to get dressed. It still hurts to sit to long and then move (which is why I am in constant motion, for those of you who know me). It still hurts to do a lot of things. It really, really does.

But how can I complain? I have 3 beautiful kids to thank for this problem, and really they are beautiful.

Laughing and Peeing

I wrote a comment on my friend's blog page. ( She wrote the funniest stuff about Susan Lucci (who I think really is about 100 years old), and I damn near pissed myself.

The experts and books do NOT tell you when "You Are to Expect When You are Expecting" That if you have symphysis pubis dysfunction

no matter how many kegals you do your body is never going to work right again. They do not tell you that 7 MONTHS postpartum if you sneeze, you pee your pants. They do not tell you that when you laugh because your out of state friend if freakin' hilarious you will pee your pants. They do not tell you in those expert books that if you have any inkling about going to the bathroom you'd better go NOW because you've got this problem that has had you in physical therapy for 3 years and it isn't getting better.

Anywho, I digress. If you can, read the blog about Susan and her microdermabrasion facials. Maybe you'll pee your pants too.

Exhibitionists, Nudists, and the Freakshows In Between

It never fails. I'm at the gym, doesn't matter what time, and there's always "that girl". You know the one. The one who is perfectly coifed, perfectly made-up, perfectly in shape (but not manly looking) wearing the perfect work-out outfit to show off her thongs thru very tight pants and wearing nothing but a sports bra.

Enter the exhibitionist, strutting her stuff around the gym for all of us stay at home moms to glare at enviously (no way with that flat of a belly she has kids, and then OOOPS! You see her at the child center picking up her 2 perfect children...DAMN!). And then you hear her say to her kids..."Let's get McDonald's. Or do you want Wendy's?" WHAT???!!! How does she suffer junky fast food and look so good and know she looks so good? WHAT????

Onto the Nudist (figuratively, not literally!) Twice now, I have encountered the boldest offender. The one who walks around the locker room in a way I can't even bring myself to walk around in my own bedroom when nobody's home. She doesn't care, she brushes naked, dries her hair naked, does naked makeup application, and then, at the last second decides that clothing in 32 degree weather is unfortunately, not optional. Today she was on her cell phone dropping F-Bombs like crazy. For this, there was only partial nudity, but still.

The gym nudists are either gorgeous, or brave. I like the brave ones myself. The flabby old ladies who really don't give a damn about who's checking out their bingo arms as they dry off, and shuffle (not saunter) from one end of the locker room to the next. It's almost like they might forget to put their clothes on, but their best friend Doris gives a nudge and they put on their polyester pants and go to Mick D's for a coffee with all the old men (by the way, what IS it with old men and McD's coffee?)

The gorgeous nudists leave the rest of us to stealing furtive glances-etiquette requires us to pretend we're not looking, even though it's exactly what they want. So I adjust my i-pod, or nursing pads or whatever frumpy mom get-up I have on that day and think "Damn! If I didn't have kids, I could SOOO look like that! Firm perky boobs! (Not droopy, breastfeeding bananas). Flat, toned Belly! (Not a stretch mark in sight). Unjiggly Thighs! (Leftover baby cellulite begone!).

And then I think of the poor "FreakShows", those clowns in the middle. The dorks you all grew up with... Oh, you know the ones. The ladies doing "Routines" on the treadmills. The guy doing some new Brazillian dance workout in the middle of everyone else trying to run their 5k's. The old man grunting and throwing out his back every time he lifts a heavy weight that he shouldn't. Bless their hearts for working out and all that jazz, however they should know that if they're not a nudist, or an exhibitionist, they are the 'freakshow' person just trying to get noticed.

And you thought I go to the gym to workout and better my health? No way, people watching rocks!