Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Thank You Writer's Strike

Thanks to there being not an ounce of TV worth watching, I started and finished Dan Brown's Angels and Demons in about a week's time. I'm pretty confident that I'll have Loving Frank done by my next book club meeting.

I've also become a Perez Hilton Junkie. ( and am in love with a song he posted as "worthy". Sometimes his taste isn't so bad.

If you can, check out Leona Lewis' "Bleeding Love". It's good.

If we didn't have kids, we'd see movies. For now there's books, Perez, and Superbad....

What are ya'll watching, if anything?

The Kids Just Seem Out of Control Lately

Okay, John actually uttered those words yesterday when I gave him a rundown of the morning's drama. I think he thinks I lack control over the beasts, but if I yelled at them all the time, that's all I'd be doing. I can't go there. I'll get a sore throat.

I am TRYING very very hard to keep the kids in bed. They are usually up in the a.m. by 5:30/6. I've taken away t.v. time in the morning hoping to strip them of any incentive. I've tried the whole "Stay in Bed until 7 thing". That doesn't work with 2 boys whose entire goals in life are to become Darth Vader when they grow up. Fabulous.

Thus, my solution was to intall a "No Breakfast Until 7 a.m." policy. This would've been great except last Friday Nate got into the bread in the fridge (I refuse to go downstairs even) and I had a loaf of mushed dough and its resulting crumbs all over my kitchen and living room.

Fast forward to yesterday and the whole reason the kids are wacky "out of control". Jack wanted to make breakfast. I told him no. He went down anyway and when I meandered down I found an entire gallon of milk spilled on the floor, some soggy shredded wheat in bowls filled to the brim and a look of guilt. Jack had to clean it up, even if he wasn't directly responsible. I DID tell him no for heaven's sake.

Then, as I was getting Mads dressed I heard an UH OH and crunching in the kitchen. Run downstairs (Note in previous blog: I should NEVER turn my back. Not even to brush my own teeth) and I find Nate amid a pile of Doritos (the WHOLE BIG BAG from Costco) and he had knocked over the vinegar I use to clean the floors with so there was a soggy Doritoey mess everywhere. Fantastic.

I did get it all cleaned up though and the house looked great for our showing today. Operation Make rooms look bigger is another blog entirely though.

I'd better run and divert any potential disasters............

"It Always sounds Like a Zoo Over There!"

My mom usually calls me 3 times a day. My dad at least once. My sister sometimes twice. My brother doesn't call as often as that, but often enough. Every time someone in my family calls I am likely to hear one of two things:
1.) What the HELL is going ON over there?
2.) Why does it always sound like a zoo when we call?

Answers (choose one or all):

1.) I am usually alone for 14 hours a day if not more. I feed (3 meals daily or 21 meals weekly not to mention snacks) , clothe, bathe, run to school, run errands with, clean house, minimize tv watching of, teach reading and phonics to, run to Dr.'s visits, get out of the house for showings, do laundry for, and all the other daily "mom" stuff for 3 children 4 and under DAILY. Usually when someone calls I'm so desperately craving adult interaction and I don't get it because of the above chaos so it sounds like a zoo.

2.) Usually someone is calling during dinner time or some other meal prep time. These kids are VULTURES, and snipers. You'd think they never eat by the whining and screaming you hear when someone calls. As in "FEED ME NOW LADY!"

3.) The boys fight. End of story.

4.) They try to 'roller Derby' and strong arm Maddie. She doesn't like it so she screams.

5.) I turned my back for 2 seconds. Mayhem ensues.

6.) Nate got too close to Maddie. She didn't like it so she screamed.

She screams a lot.

Now Jack is saying he wants a dog for Christmas. Is he CRAZY??? No way. I clean enough poop up on a daily basis, and 3 young uns is enough of a zoo.

So, stop asking. Yes, we're crazy here. But it's good, right?

Yes, it's good because someday the house will be quiet. And then what will we do?

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Up to My Elbows in MOIST Meat, and other Trials of Cooking for 9 hours Straight....

Jen, Jennifer, and I (uh huh, another JEN) got together Sunday to do our once a month cooking, that really lasts us almost 3 months. It's fabulous though, and I'm not complaining. Except for the fact that we had no booze...but we had a GREAT time anyway, and my freezer is full of stuff that will get eaten before we move. What's more, it's quick and easy to heat up, so if we have a showing it's a better alternative to constant fast food or pricey restaurants for a month or more.

The Jen Trifecta worked very well and very smoothly together. None of use really "measures" exact amounts on anything, which is great. We have done this before with someone who needs EXACT AMOUNTS. Sometimes, when a recipe calls for 3/4 C onions, you just eyeball it. Or a Tablespoon of Garlic? We Rachel Ray it and "palm it". So our Three personalities gel well, except where vocabulary is concerned.

Apparently, there are certain words in the English Language that bug the hell out of some people. Not good if they are OT's (occupational therapists) trying to desensitize kids on a daily basis at work. Unfortunately, I was the one responsible for mixing the Meat Mix for both our Salisbury Patty dishes and our meatloaf dishes. Jen and Jennifer went to Sam's and bought 9 POUND tubes of meat. It was the most disgusting, suggestive thing I've ever seen. A meat tube? Sealed in a plastic prophylactic. Gross. And I got into it up to my elbows. 21 lbs. of meat worth altogether.

And, dare I say the word MEAT? No, it grosses out the OT. Dare I say "MOIST". I think I made her puke. So, as many times as I could on Sunday, I made mention of My Moist Meat. Take it in any context you like. However, I wonder if there's any word in the English Language hated more than the word "moist." I doubt it. Ask around. It's right up there with the "C" word, or the "P" word.

Another word that was Taboo for the day was crevice, so I kept referring to "Moist Meat and Cre-VASSES (British Style) which almost got me kicked out of our little cooking club.

It was totally worth it though. You learn a lot about someone when you're in their kitchen for 9 hours, elbow deep in Moist Meat and giggling as if you'd tossed back one too many. I can't say there are too many words per se that I actually can't stand to hear uttered, but I'm sure there's a list out there somewhere. Anyone care to share?

Maybe, Oh, I got it. I really don't like the word "hemorrhoid". Or it's best friend "Roids". It feels weird to say.

Now, Obsequious. That's a good word.......

Friday, January 25, 2008

Right at this Moment...

I am replying to e-mails, blogging, and Jack is sitting next to me singing "paradise city" by Guns N Roses. He knows More of the words than he should.

That's what I get for working Saturdays. His Dad teaches him all that stuff. At least it's relatively harmless.....

Thursday, January 24, 2008


Things are coming along nicely with the new house. We set up our financing yesterday for the new mortgage, and are locked in at a 5.5%rate. I knew there was a reason we didn't close in January! Someone 'up there' must be looking out for us, at least a little bit anyway.

On Monday our realtor asked if we could change the close date to Feb. 8th. We don't care, just set it up and let's get it done. If Feb. 8th is a done deal though, then we're hoping to have the house ready to move in by March and move our crap and kids early March.

So, that's the latest update. Until we hear from our lawyers....

Better get moving on this house! :-)

Monday, January 21, 2008

Winter Fun

Cue the Indiana Jones Music. Mr. Dressups created this from a cowboy hat, a pirate shirt, and the sail from his Pirates of the Carribbean boat. I love it. He is so imaginative and playful, especially on his good days.
Nate lives hard and happy. Such joy! Tonight he told John that his beer "needs to be in Nate's belly". So much for that speech eval, he made that request damn clear, didn't he?

Maddie has Bobba Fet. You know, the bounty hunter from Star Wars. That's my girl!

No more Bobba Fet, just a happy little Fraggle.

Inspection Day

Our inspection went relatively well today. Structurally the house is aces. Mr. Previous Homeowner pulled a few stunts, to be explained in a moment, but the house is in good shape. We even already have a radon pole in the ejector pump in the basement that goes to the roof. Rock on.

This is the back of the house. See where we need a new deck? The sliding door in the middle is the kitchn, the one on the right the garage, or where Criag swears Nate will drive the car out of Ferris Bueller style.
This photo shows Maddie's bedroom bathroom. She's the girl so she gets her own. The boys will share a jack and jill bathroom. I only put this picture on to show you all disgruntled displaced previous homeowners Shenanigans. Check out the Shower...Oh! You can't. He took all the shower heads when he left.

This is to be my sanctuary. My reading room. Ahhh... This is the fireplace in the sitting room of the master bedroom. Nice, isn't it?

This is what you see when you walk in. To the left is the dining room. To the immediate right (not pictured) is the office, complete with unstained roughed in french doors. The open room on the right is the dining room, and the opening behind that is the coat closet/bathroom. (Yes, the house has 3 and 1/2 bathrooms).

This is the dining room, and you can see the butler pantry through the door. Following that hallway to the left is the laundry room/garage and if you keep going straight the kitchen. I hate that chandelier. It's going bye-bye. Hopefully someone on Freecycle will want it.

That's it for now. Other than the owners before us also took all the aerators off the sinks in the master bathroom, and rigged the sinks to leak. The front right burner on the stove top wouldn't light, but that's about it.

Now, Who's going to help me clean and paint the joint?

Any takers?

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Looking forward to Monday

We finally have our home inspection scheduled, and it's set to take up to 3 HOURS. The lady explained since we'll have 3 and 1/2 bathrooms and all the piping and waterworking etc. Plus, we have to let the dishwasher run about 8 thousand times thanks to the anti-freeze in the pipes. It's the only appliance that regurgitates water instead of just shooting it out.

Wish us luck. Hopefully I'll be able to post some more photos Monday afternoon.

Happy Martin Luther King Jr. day by the way. What an inspiring man.


1.) I'm really, really missing the show "6 Feet Under". You know, the one about the fam that ran a funeral home. That was quality t.v., none of this constant barage of reality garbage.

Guess I'm stuck just listening to the Soundtrack, esp. Sia's "Breathe Me." FYI, Nate is 'partially' named after Nate Fisher. I love Peter Krause and the character he created. And I fell in love with the name. And, as SuperNurse Karin said, "I've never known a Nate that wasn't hot". True,true.

2.) My kids. I'm at work getting ready to go on my last home visit of the day. Last therapy session of the weekend, Whoo Hoo!

3.) Sleep. Stinkin' kids up at 5:30! (I did pick up that Ferber sleep book though. Maybe it will help?) I have taken Julianne and Leslie's advice and am trying the whole"Stay in your room until 7" thing, but it's not working because 2 boys in the room create mischief. The new rule is "No breakfast/t.v. until 7". They don't care, they are now into fixing their own cereal (mess) and watching Pay Per View.

And I'm too tired to yell at them or care.

4.) Wine. Could use a glass right now, but that's borderline unprofessional, don't you think?

5.) Out of state friends and family. Especially the ones we only see once or twice a year. (Or when someone gets married).

6.) Lunch. Forgot to eat today and had to treat kids in the meantime.

7.) My workout. I'll have to double it for tomorrow (Go Sporty, Go sporty, go, go go, Go Sporty)!

9.) Free time. In general.

What are ya'll missing lately?


I'm laughing as I type this. I just erased the Spice Girls poll, and for some reason, most voted me as being the "Sporty" Type. I am not sporty, gang. Just cuz I exercise doesn't make me sporty. Fun fact: I've never been in an organized sport in my life, aside from Gymnastics and Swimming, so for people to think I'm athletic is a gas. I'm not really athletic, I just kinda look that way I guess....

What's even funnier is that some voted me in as "Scary". I'm not scary, am I? Hehe. I'll take it though, that Mel B. kicked some booty on Dancing with the Stars. If I had her bod and her dancing ability, I'd be aces. I'll pass on the Eddie Murphy as baby Daddy thing though.

Too fun. Hope everyone is having a great weekend in the cold. And as quoted from the Chicago Tribune "If you think it's cold here, try Antarctica".

No thanks.

No jumping into ice holes for me, thankyouverymuch.
BTW, a side note: Congrats to Matt and Rene on baby to Be this summer. It's their first, and we're sooo excited for them!!!

Friday, January 18, 2008


Yesterday was busy. We had Jack's parent/teacher conferences, and all in all they went well. No new informatin, except that he's borderline genius and should skip a few grades...KIDDING! Academically though, he is doing JUST FINE-probably better than most June boys who are forever handicapped by being a lefty. I'll take it though.

Later in the afternoon I had to register Mr. Jack for Kinneygarten. It was surreal knowing that I have a kid old enough to be in 'big kid school' but the process itself was relatively painless and pretty quick to boot. I'm sort of hoping he gets afternoon kindergarten, but I'm not going to be upset one way of the other if he gets morning. I just want afternoon so I can sign Nate up for a.m. preschool and then have special afternoon time with him. We'll see.

So, in a nutshell, next year I'll have 2 kids in school. Whatever will I do with just one kid? It's been so long that I've forgotten what it's like to have only one, and I'm looking forward to it for sure!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

It Sickens me

That I am actually looking forward to baseball season. Maybe just looking forward to spring. Maybe the Cubs will make it to the World Series, what with the renovations at Wrigley and all....

It's too damn cold out, what is it, like -4?? And all I keep thinking of is Matt jumping into a hole carved into the icy sea in Antarctica. Your visual? A Big half naked (in boxers) white guy in ANTARCTICA getting ready to jump into A HOLE IN THE ICE!!!! His mother must've been proud when he sent us all that photo.

And I keep thinkin' was colder there then, than it is here now, and there is no way in HELL I'd be out in my skivvies jumping into a hole in the iced over ocean.

Time to curl into my electric blankie next to my heat radiating husband. My toes are cold and he just LOVES it when I put my cold toes on his warm legs. Loves to be startled awake by his half reptilian wife.

Damn it's cold out!

Fresh Download

Good Charlotte's "I Don't Wanna Be in Love". Put it in my "workout" file.

Now to figure out how to burn these tracks onto discs....

Wednesday, January 16, 2008


*Why does Play-Doh bother selling multicolored dough? It always turns into a non-descript gray-green blob anyway.

*What exactly, do kids find so tasty about Play-Doh?

* Will we ever find out Barack Obama's political agenda? (Lord I hope NOT!) Change is NOT always good. Especially when we're not sure what "change" dude has in mind. Way to coin a phrase for the 08 election year though.

*When will Rudy give up the whole "Look what I did on 9/11" gig? Let's evolve. Progress people, progress.

*Damn! Forgot to set parental controls on the t.v. Yesterday I came down in the morning and found the boys GLUED to Fantastic Four on PAY PER FREAKING VIEW! How did they figure that crap out?

* Thank Goodness all they were watching was the "Fantastic Four" and Not "Debbie Does the Fantastic Four". You CAN get playboy on pay per view. How DID they figure that out?

*How do you EVEN do the parental control? Why are my kids more technologically inclined than me? CRAP!

*How much does a Pay Per View movie even cost?

*Why do my kids keep putting inedible objects in their mouths? For crying out loud, they don't have Prader-Willie! (In case you're wondering what it is--scroll down to the appetite part).

*Is blogging a cure for chronic insomnia? I should hope there's something out there.

Just finished Reading....

"Water for Elephants" by Sara Gruen and I am SO stoked to talk about it in Book Club on Sunday. This was an awesome story about a depression era circus train and how the narrator (at age 93) needs to clean his conscience of a long ago murder and scandal. It was a delicious read. Highly recommended.
Go get it on tape Ma, you'll thank me.
Now, on to reading "Loving Frank" about Frank Lloyd Wright. After that one I'll probably want to head to my old stomping grounds in Oak Park and do the walking audio self-tour.
I smell a book club field trip comin' on.........

House issues

Our lawyer is trying to kick ass. I love her, since she's a pretty hardcore woman just trying to get this crap moving. Long story short, we STILL don't have a close date on the new house because the seller STILL has to dewinterize (per acceptance contract) in order for us to get our home inspection. Our lawyer is pushing for Feb. 12th, which actually is awesome, since it gives us that much more time to sell our current home, and offers less of a possibility that we'll be floating 2 mortgages for very long. At least, that is our hope. Looks like we won't be hosting the Superbowl this year, gang.

I just keep thinking, all these things are happening for a reason. There is a reason we didn't close last Friday as originally planned. There is a reason rates keep dropping. There are reasons that I just have to trust and believe in, and everything will work out as it should.

Now to get this house sold in a timely manner and move forward with this whole business. According to the desk clerk at the Y (who also lives in my neighborhood), the exact same model of my house sold for under 200K, and it didn't have a basement, skylight, or fireplace like we do. The old guy who lived there also died in there, so his sister who lives in Fla. priced WAY low just to get it off her hands. The lady at the Y also said that her next door neighbor who is selling the exact same house as we are (basement, fireplace, etc.) hasn't had even 1 person come look at it. THAT makes me feel good, because they're priced at over $25,000 higher than we are. We've already had several showings, and more already scheduled for this weekend, so things are at least moving in the right direction for us, even if we haven't had any offers yet.

They'll come though. I'm sure of it!
(Are you keepin' those fingers crossed for us?)

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Doing a triathalon. The Danskin one has The Breast Cancer Foundation as it's official charity, so even more reason to do it.

Any reasons to do it, or not do it would be appreciated. If I do decide to do it, I'd better get moving on the whole training thing because while I could do each event on its own, putiing all 3 together may be a challenge.

It's a conundrum.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Beer Snobs

We are what you'd consider "Beer Snobs", meaning we don't just drink any ol' beer just to catch a cheap buzz. In all my life I've never bought Bud Light. It's too Ghetto. Miller light is better, but we're snobs. John brews his own, so when we're not drinking some form of microbrew, we enjoy a good Sam Adams, Goose Island, or our fave German (warsteiner) and Irish (Smithwicks--pronounced SMITTICK'S!!) standards.

Although I fear the following photos are a prelude of bad things to come in the teenage years, please refrain from calling CPS. The bottles were empty and our in-house comedian thought he was funny. And to be honest, he was.
Mmmmm....He will totally be the one throwing a kegger when he's 16 or so. Jack will have to be the brains behind the operation, and he will have Mads bring her "hot friends". Somehow in the confusion he will wind up totally innocent I am sure. He's just that kind of guy.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

House Nibbles

We have another showing tomorrow afternoon. That makes our 4th independant showing in less than a month, and then add our Realtor showcase on top of that. Not too bad in this market I'm thinking, but we still haven't gotten any offers.

You never know, so keep your fingers crossed for us. I really must remember to get that Statue of St. Joseph.

Whatever works, right?

More Sickies

The flu virus (not rotavirus, thank goodness) has now made it's way from Maddie to Jack. He kept complaining about his belly hurting yesterday, so, in a classic "Parent of the Year" Moment I suggested he go to the bathroom, and I went to the basement to look up all the Kindergarten information I needed to download.

It was really quiet upstairs, so I went to check on him and found him sound asleep on the bathroom floor, curled tight into a little butt naked ball, complete with a very unclean behind and business in the toilet. I started to clean him up, and he woke up complaining about his belly. I said, "Do you need to throw up?" and with a "YES!" he proceeded to projectile vomit all over the bathroom until I heave-ho'ed him up to the toilet.

The poor kid did it a few more times throughout the night, but seems okay today. However, John and I are wiped. Nate was up at 5:15 as per usual, and as usual he woke up the baby because King Collosus isn't exactly the quiet type.

I spent a good chunk of the night in Jack's bed, just rubbing his back and consoling him, and then to be up again at 5 for the day is seemingly crazy. I was just a little glad when my first patient of the day today cancelled, and I didn't have to treat any babies until noon. It gave me time to get a little more coffee down the gullet.


We both do, really. Just to recharge, and reconnect. Hopefully it will happen somewhat soon, because I don't think either one of us can keep running on damn near empty for much longer.

Friday, January 11, 2008


Juli has turned me on to reading other SAHM (Stay at Home Mom) blogs. I particularly enjoy

She not only has a great entry regarding her daughter--we ALL struggle, don't we?, But has a really great link to a You-Tube Comedy video about...well, bacon. I personally don't eat pork, but it made me laugh until tears came from my eyes.

Click above. Scroll down to "Bibbity bobbity bacon".

Thank me later.

School Daze

Today was Nate's little preschool class. It's really more of a mom and me class than a preschool class, but it's housed at the same place Jack goes to school, and he got a new Buzz backpack for Christmas, so he really thinks he is hot stuff heading off to "Nate Cool".

I LOVE doing this class with him. He's so proud to do the little art projects, and he seems to enjoy the bulk of sensory play they have for the kids. Today's sensory experience consisted of Snow (the fake stuff) with shovels and buckets, snow in a pool (packing peanuts), and the ever-present play-doh. He does great work with parallel play with some of the other boys, especially with the cars, dinosaurs and fun little fine motor link toys. He doesn't do so well with sharing the cash register. He and his fave gal KiKi (Katie) used to go fisticuffs, now Charlie gets the brunt end of it.

A lot of the moms were talking about their potty training experiences. Glad I'm not the only one freaking out about that 3rd birthday coming up (okay, I DO have til June) and things not going perhaps as swimmingly as they did for the first kid they put in "big kid pants". Nate's getting there, except he only tells me he has to go Potty after the deed is done, which is great, since he's feeling the sensation and apparently not liking the wet pullup. Sigh. Sigh. Juli, I am truly jealous of Miss Gwyn. Got any pointers? I'm thinking maybe the first week of February we're going to go hardcore into those waffle-weave undies and I'll just have to make him sit in his stinkies. It worked for Jack! Or, maybe I should wait to go hardcore until after the move. Too hard to tell right now how Nate will fare with all the big changes coming up.

The mom's also got started talking about KinneyGarten. One lady lives in our new subdivision and I'm absolutely horrified that schools are now expecting kids to read by the time they leave Kindergarten. As in, 20 something sightwords, etc, and maybe even more. Thanks to Dubyah and No Child Left Behind, we're going to have a bunch of 2nd graders having school burnout.

Get this! This woman also said her daughter gets homework!!! In KINDERGARTEN! And, they're not always the easy, sorta fun practice sheets. She said there are times when her daughter DOES get frustrated with the work. Mom was a preschool director in a former life, so she realizes how developmentally inappropriate some of these standards are. Whatever happened to letting a kid learn to socialize, and LIKE school? I KNOW it's not the teacher's faults, as there is SO much top-down in education these days, and I KNOW Jack will be able to handle academics aces. I'm not worried about his academics, I'm worried about how he'll function academically if he's having social issues??

I am dreading kindergarten registration next week. Apparently, there's this gigantor packet to fill out, and you have to bring the REAL certified birthcertificate (which they said they take and make a copy of right there, so what's the point?), and forms, forms, and more forms to fill out. I'm guessing it's easier to go to Wal-Mart and buy a gun than register my Kindergartner for school.

I was semi-excited to find out that our new subdivision usually gets afternoon kindergarten, and I'm okay with that. It will be some nice quiet time with Nate, or a quiet nap time for all, depending on how the wind is blowing 9 months from now. We shall see.

Until then, I've got to start the paperwork for BOTH Jack and Nate since he starts pre-school for real next year. I haven't decided on morning or afternoon for sure for him, since I know afternoon classes are usually smaller and he'd probably do better with that; but as I said before, afternoon quiet time with him might be nice too...

All these crazy decisions!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

A GREAT Report!

Yay! Miss Lisa said that Jack had not just a good day at school, but a GREAT day. Fantastico! He is so excited to earn the reward of a special sleepover at Aunties with Baby Brooke and Hunter Doogle Doggie. I hope beyond hope we're back on the right track, but we'll find out at Parent/Teacher conferences next week.

Jen and I met this morning to discuss cooking. We barely accomplished anything because we were too busy drinking our coffee. It was such a great time-out for me.

Today may be a good day.

Quick Prayer

Please, please PLEASE let whatever is going thru Maddie's intestinal tract be a weird random flu virus, bug thingy, and NOT rotavirus. I'm pretty sure that Miss 19 pounder will wind up in the hospital if this keeps up.

And OH! The stench. Please, not rotavirus!!! (Been there, done that with BOTH boys).

Ralph and Jen, I'm beginning to think that whatever was passed around by the big girls b/w New Year's and Cedarburg has nothing to do with Mads......


Wednesday, January 09, 2008



Not diggin' the whole Santa thing, presents or not!

You look smarter with that finger up your nose. Don't tell Ma!

If the boys were in Charge....

This is all we'd be eating at our little "family" (friends) gatherings. Check out
Apparently, their garlic wings are to die for. And us wives pay the beery, farty, smelly price for days afterwards.
As it is, I think Danielle's Brunch menu was TOP NOTCH!!!
Love you , my sweet little German Friends.
Now, let's get a little Irish in ya's!

What's Cookin' Good Lookin?

Jen and I are planning on doing another round of 30 day meals ( and we're getting together tomorrow while the big kids are in school in order to plan. We also have to make accomodations for her neighbor who wants to join us, and Sheila, one of the speechies at work. I am so severely looking forward to coffee and mindless gab with my friend, I don't even know how to contain myself. Nate and Katie will wander off and play nicely, since Katie is his boss and will tell him exactly what his place is in this world.

Mads will show a basic interest in Sammy (beautiful, smiley, happy baby Sam) and then hopefully NOT break anymore of Jenny's mom's China.

Jenny and I will sit at her kitchen table, and gossip about work (she's an OT or occupational therapist at the Peds. clinic I work at) and just take sanctuary in how seemingly normal our kids and lives are. And, we will drink LOTS of coffee.

Somehow in all of this, we will plan a 30 day menu of meals for our families, but since we've done this a few times, we've got down pat what needs to go down as far as who buys what, and who brings what to cooking day. This cooking session will be extra fun, I LOVE her neighbor and am slightly jealous as everyone should have neighbors like her (okay, so my parents lucked out too), and Sheila who just brings that extra something to the table.

Maybe I can talk to her about that speech eval for Nate that I've been on the fence about....


Just totally lost my shit with the kids. Better check on dinner and pour another glass.

Listening to:

Regina Spektor.

Loving songs "Fidelity" and "Samson".

Get them on your i-tunes. I did, and I'm so, so glad.


For reasons I can't divulge, the other day Cheryl called me a "boner". It fit the circumstances, and I kind of like the way it sounds. As in "Dude, you're such a boner". Makes me giggle thinking about it.

My brother refers to some people as douchebags, and to an extent he's right. That's a good phrase too. So good in fact, John Mayer wrote an ENTIRE blog entry on the word. (Or 29 entries on the word)

And Johnny Mayer is right. It DOES feel good to say "Douchebag."

Try it. You'll be hooked.

There is no Cure for the Pukies

Yesterday Maddie caught the pukies that have been going around. No big deal, but really, if any of my kids were going to get the flu I'd have prefered one with a bit more meat on their bones than the baby about whom I am STILL fielding questions regarding whether or not she was a premie, and if she wasn't what's wrong with her. NOTHING. She's just tiny. I think as a DT I would know if she is lacking in some area of development.

Loooong story short, yesterday was our realtor showing, meaning realtors come and look at your home and "Pre-screen" for their clients who may be potential buyers, so we had the house spotless. I was supposed to be OUT until 12:30 or 1. Didn't quite work when Maddie started projectile vomit all over herself on the way home from picking up Jack from school. I had to rush her home with our realtor still there, but luckily no one came to tour as I threw Go-Gurts at the boys and threw Miss M. in the tub and tried to disassemble her carseat.

Later in the afternoon, the fit hit the shan when I have our Lawyer for the closing calling, Maddie is puking, and our window guys came to replace the cracked window in the boys' room. A man could not ever have handled the multi-tasking needed, but I handled it and treated myself to a nice glass of cab later.

On a side note the window guys couldn't have been nicer. They were really sweet with Jack who made friends with them and had to watch everything they did, since tools were involved. They weren't the worst looking guys either, but I'm sure I presented as a crazy lady in my running pants and lovely eau de vomit smell.

Cheryl's right, I'm such a boner.

Quote of the Day

Thank you Dear Abby! (I swear to God, found it in today's paper. Context=irrelevant)

"Giving birth to a baby is not like performing a pole dance."


Tuesday, January 08, 2008


I THOUGHT things were going great yesterday. Nate asked the people at the Y to go Pee Pee Potty! Yay! That is a huge step from the kid who would yell "NO FANK YOU" at the top of his lungs at the mere suggestion of sitting on a toilet. Now he goes, but inconsistently. We'll get there. We have until August when he starts school......
However, when I went to pick up Jack from school, there was a not so very good report from the teacher. He is apparently defiant, combatitve, and refusing to see his teachers as authority figures. He's also telling people (no teachers) to "shut up" and knocking down block towers if other kids are building them. I felt like a wilting flower as the teacher was describing this to me. I can't have the kid no one likes! Heaven before Harvard! I didn't even have the energy at that point to get mad at him, and I got all teary talking to the teacher. Being a DT and a former teacher, I can see what road I'm on. Not a pretty picture- (even though Jen tells me to quit comparing him to the kids we see. Some of them are the worst of the worst, but still...) What is SO hard is that respecting adults is such a huge push for us. He's smart. Academically, I have no concerns. I just need him to realize that HE is NOT in charge. He has a big problem with that sometimes.
Not that it's an excuse, but usually REALLY REALLY naughty behaviour is a prelude of an illness to come. Jack cannot regulate his emotions, he loses all ability to filter inappropriate reactions if he is sick. Nevertheless, he's still busted big time.
Long story short though, he DOES in fact have a blazing ear infection in his right ear, and one working on the left. As I said, not an excuse, but at least it makes me feel a little less of a failure as a parent. He had a better day today, until the end when he was stealing marbles from the good job jar and putting them in his pockets. He had better shape up by Thursday when he goes back. Either that, or on the black market he goes!

Heigh Ho, Heigh Ho! Off to Cedarburg We Go!

Sunday we made a pilgrimage to a good friends house to celebrate our Christmas with Good Friends. Long title, but I'm not sure what else to call it. We went all the way 2 hours North to Cedarburg Wisconsin
to find that we were NOT in the presence of 1 known preggo, but THREE! Congrats Lynn, Yelly, and Sheila. Our group is growing every few months with a huge baby boom happening this summer. And really, I'm SO SO SO glad I will never be wearing those shoes again. No more babies here, and that is A-OKAY with me! But, I hope things go smoothly for everyone.

We had such a great time. Happy New Year! Prost! Slainte!!!

Monday, January 07, 2008

Thank you, Little Green Butterfly

I couldn't sleep again last night, so I took a Lunesta sample. Not bad, the thing worked great until 5 a.m. when the boys decided it was party time. The only drawback is a weird taste in the mouth, and a groggy, head-achy feeling, but I also had a headache all day yesterday after being a passenger from here to Cedarburg, WI.
Maybe some time on the elliptical machine will help today.
Maybe I'm dreading the deep cleaning of the house that needs to come before our realtor showing tomorrow all morning....
Maybe I should get a script for those little pills of magic......

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Let's see how far we've come...

How did we get here.....
From here?

Saturday, January 05, 2008

The God of Small Things

Just finished reading this beautiful, engrossing novel. It's totally something you'd read in an English Lit class, except it's contemporary style is engaging enough for anyone--even those not seeking a PhD in Shakespeare.
It is about a very disfunctional Syrian Christian family in India surviving the 1960's and an ensuing tragedy and a teeny bit of their life beyond the tragedy. It's a good book because it made me want to find out more about the Indian caste system, paravans, Kathakali, and other things related to Indian culture (like, what IS the difference between a Sari and a Mundu?) There is everything in this novel, from a communist revolution to forbidden love, and I didn't find anything formulaic about it. Which is why I probably enjoyed it so much.
Just in case you're looking for a good, intellectually stimulating read....

Finally, A Contract!

We finally received our acceptance contract from the bank out East so we are to officially be owners of a new home soon. Our original close date was set for January 11, but as THEY have yet to de-winterize the house and we need to have a home inspection AFTER that, well, we're hoping our lawyer will be able to push the closing into February. That also gives us just that much more time to sell our current home.

Wish us luck on that folks! For now, I've been packing things like my twice used in 7 years waffle iron, and my Bob The Builder Cake pans, etc. I may go get a St. Joe statue tonight and dump him upside down in the yard somewhere. Every little bit helps!