Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Stencilectomy Success

It's only the second half of day one sans tonsils and I have already had enough with the blond haired blue eyed pariah I like to call Barbie. But Maddie is chilling out, relaxing, and enjoying the show, so what can I say?

In short, today's surgical events went well. We got to the hospital at 6:30, met with the ENT, chatted with the anesthesiologist (whom I requested based on my insider info from Super Nurse) and I sent my hungry, scared child on her merry way into the O.R. right on schedule at 7:30. She was done at 7:54 (I know this because you get an ID number to watch on the flat screen so you know what is going on at all times), and saw the ENT around 8.

It's kind of a scary thought when an ENT, who does this all the time and sees this all the time says, "Well, Jen, those tonsils were huge. So huge in fact, I have to wonder how she was getting in enough air to breathe". Hmmmm. And then he followed up with "I think you made the right decision to take them out". Again....Hmmmm. I suppose I'll agree.

We had to wait a while for her to wake up. In fact, we couldn't get in to recovery until shortly after 9, at which point she fell asleep on my lap until John and I switched and then switched again and finally shifted enough to wake her around 10:30. She did not want her popsicle, but downed TWO hospital sized containers of ice cream and so we went home to begin the Barbie Bonanza.

She's sleeping now, but was seriously pissed about 2 hours ago because "mommy forgot to feed me wunch". No baby, mommy didn't forget. You just can't have it. Her voice is all funny and muddled, like her insides are swollen, but she's doing well.

I am sure that tomorrow she'll be a bit more herself. She'll be able to eat some soft foods, like jell-o and soup broth. I could sure use a glass of wine, but will hold off until I know she's really a-okay and won't need to be rushed to the E.R.

Until then, I guess my dad will have to have one for me.....

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Car Crash

No, I'm not referring to the song by Matt Nathanson (which I love by the way). I am referring to the fact that I was rear-ended on Monday after I took Maddie to the Doctor for her pre-op physical, ran to Wal-Mart and then was heading to preschool to pick up Nate and Kate.

For my good friends who know about my less than stellar driving record, I swear this one wasn't my fault. Really. It's not like the time I hit a 65 year old pedestrian. Well, I didn't so much as hit him as he jumped out at me and bounced off of my car. That story in and of itself is like my own personal party trick- every time I'm with some of my favorite people, and we're sitting around having a few beers they're all always like, "Okay Tell us the story about the time you rammed your car into a pedestrian again!". Or the one that starts out with, "Well, I was backing the car out of the driveway and managed to hit 3 parked vehicles in the process."

No friends, this time I was at a stop sign. Just sitting there watching the cars go by, when WHAMMO! I was jarred. And all I could think of was, "Oh shit. Now I'm going to be late picking the kids up from school." So I turned my head, checked on Maddie (she was fine, the guy literally was starting to roll thru the stop at less than 5mph) and then I had to call the school while this older guy was standing at my window yelling, "There's no damage! There's no damage! I just checked!" At which point I put up my index finger in my best, "You need to hold on a minute because mommy is on the phone, buddy" attitude.

I got out and checked. He was in this big truck with some sort of crash bar on his bumper which dented and he kept saying, "I thought you were going thru the stop and I was looking the other way", and I kept thinking, "You can't really go through a stop sign when there are cars coming because then you can die fool!"

There were some scratches on my bumper and a bit of a compression at the stress joint in the back, but in good conscience I couldn't even ask the guy to fix the scratches, because most of them are caused by my boys closing the garage door while I'm unloading groceries. Get the visual on that...closing garage door on van hatch back. Funny.

So we are fine. I was in my first not my fault accident. And I'm a little sore around the edges today, but I think I have some wine and muscle relaxers. Tonight might just be a good night!


Has it really been something like 3 weeks since Easter? I suppose blogging wise I have a lot of catching up to do before Maddie's surgery on Tuesday (she passed her pre-op physical with flying colors, by the way). No biggie, just her stencils coming out. (Or if you need a Nate translation, that's 'tonsils".

I think he has a chocolate ring around his mouth, and it's all his Godfather's fault. Jack and his partially blue face would really, really like a dog. Too bad for him, but he can keep playing with everyone elses.

These are my mom's cool shoes. My mom always wears gross black gym shoes, so I thought it was prudent to document a cute shoe wearing event.

Maddie thought the purpose of her dress was to twirl in it and lift it over her head. We have some partially naked shots, but I didn't think she'd want those up there. She really was hoping for a 'boy dress' to wear. This from the same kid who wore a Tinkerbell gown to Family Reading Night at Jack's school yesterday....

They thought it was so fun to spin and hold hands and dance. So cute.

Pre Uncle Chocolate face.

More of Jack and his favorite playmate.

Auntie got the kids movies, which is going to come in handy next Tuesday when Maddie is confined to the couch for a couple of days.

Brooke likes to pose in her pretty dress. Maddie could have cared less.

It's more about the blue face than anything, really.

Monday, April 19, 2010

The Two-Wheeler

Nate can now ride a two wheel. It is very clearly not a bike. A bike has four wheels (training wheels). He rides a two wheel. Sometimes without a helmet because he thinks he doesn't need one.

Being the good mother that I am, I made sure to catch him using the tree as a bumper. He was okay. He hasn't done it since his first run out, so I think he learned his lesson. Oh look, it's a random photo of my kids coloring Easter Eggs. Why can't I get these in order?


Setting up. He can now do this without Daddy's help since we lowered the seat a bit.

Oooohhh, camoflage egs. Yes, camoflage. And one pink one, of course.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Mother Daughter Bonding

"Mom, you have all those burns on your arm because you cook dinner for us every night, right?"

"Oh, Those? Those are Freckles Maddie!"

"Freckles??? What are Freckles?"

"Well, it's just how God made me."

"Yeah, and this is how God made me."

"Yup, and he made you beautiful and perfect."

"Yeah, he did. But not you."

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

What Happens When We Visit National Landmarks?

Duh...wrestle mania of course. There's all 3 of 'em gettin' into it. True to form. Oh yah, see the Washington Monument in the background?

This is the photo that John took of me and the kids at the monument. I'm sure I've mentioned his camera skills before.

Okay...getting ready for the big race from the Washington Monument to the WWII memorial. Because we don't just observe and appreciate. We spin headlong into marble objects with a battle cry to shame the ancient Huns.

Nate wanted to "touch the monument". He is literally poking it...like the 'I'm not touching you!' poke you give a sibling.

When we visit historical landmarks, we like to pretend we're airplanes.

And fly and fly and fly.

Thumbs up! Love it!

Sitting pretty for the WWII vets.

If you look closely you can see my kids running helter skelter down the hill. Two seconds after this was taken Nate decided to roll on the grass like a turtle on it's back.

"And now that I am done poking the Washington Monument I will aggravate my sister who was doing nothing but sitting and relaxing."

Saturday, April 03, 2010

Museums, Museums, Museums, OR Day 2

On our 2nd day in D.C., we hit the Ntl. Museum of Natural History and saw the dinosaur that inspired scenes from Night at the Museum (the Movies). But being the good parents that we are, we lied and said that the dinosaur on display was THE dinosaur. The real one. The star/celebrity.

After that (photos in no order at all to follow) we hit the museum of American History. We missed the 1st ladies inaugural ball gown exhibit thingy because we spent almost TWO hours in a War exhibit. My really good friend went to that exhibit also last November, but being that she has big girls and not big boys, she said they were through the exhibit in about 45 seconds. We spent nearly 2 hours exploring America's Wars...all of them. Revolutionary, 1812, Spanish/American, Mexican,WWI, II, etc...all the way throught Afghanistan. It was exhausting, but really interesting.

There were also really cool science labs for kids in the American History Museum. Here are my kids showing their good sides.

Maddie liked to have us take her picture while she was doing things, like snapping, zipping her shirt, and dancing.

Nate was really excited to take his picture with "The Little Averham Lincoln".

Jack with a Revolutionary War weapon.

This is either George Washington's sword or Cornwallis' Sword of Surrender. I forget which. Either way, coolest thing ever for a boy to see.

Yes, that is a real unsharpened hatchet from the Revolutionary war.

Emphasis on Unsharpened.

If this ever comes to pass in American Politics, we are all very much in trouble.

Jack really wanted a photo of himself next to this canon on a floating gun boat sunk during Washington's time and then somehow found. Apparently the cold water of whatever River it was in preserved it quite well. It looked like a tetanus nightmare if you ask me.

We were on the lookout for Mr. Garfield the entire trip. President for less than a year and shot by Charlie Gitow (spelling?). Thanks Johnny Cash for the history lesson. "Mr. Garfield been shot down low!"

This is one of the millions of things I wanted to see in D.C. that I actually got to see. John had the camera, so the angle is shoddy. But I saw Dorothy's slippers. There really is no place like home.

This was supposed to teach the kids about centrifugal force or something like that. The boys thought it was a spinning gun thingy.

I don't really need to explain this, do I?

AT the museum of Natural History, there is a kids exploration room. Maddie enjoyed looking at the dead bugs, not so much the live ones in the butterfly atrium.

That's about right.

Using kitchen utensils, you had to make the ball go into the hole. It's all physics. That's why John was in charge.

Jack wanted a photo with this peculiar specimen.

There was a lot of walking that day, but it was so worth it. So fun. And we didn't even put a dent into either museum. Sigh....maybe next time?

Friday, April 02, 2010

DC Ten, Day One

Last week, we took the kids to DC for Spring Break. It was John's sister's idea really, and it was a good one. I'm kinda mad I've never been there before, and that the first time I'm touring my nation's capitol I'm schlepping three kids around, but it worked out.

We drove through the night last Friday, leaving right before 7 p.m. which was later than John really wanted to leave, but I HAD to finish "The Lost Symbol" before we went so that I could see all the Masonic symbols for myself. It was worth it in the end. As was driving for 12 hours during the kids' regular bedtime. We let them watch a movie with some popcorn, stopped right before we hit Indiana, and continued the next 10 hours in silence. Beautiful. We made it into DC just in time to find a McDonald's and change the kiddos out of their travel Jammies into something respectable to wear on the White House Tour. I have no photos of that...cameras, knitting needles, and martial arts weapons are apparently no no's.

Briefly, I'll take you on an out of order photo tour of Day one:

I call this "Flowers on The Wall". It's amazing how silent tourists are here.
This photo pretty much sums up Nate's face the entire trip, because DC is A LOT of walking. A LOT, which is fine, really, unless you're Nate and you'd rather be playing Wii. My mom was afraid we would lose him. That, I assure you was not possible because even though he was always about 8 steps behind us, you could hear his whiny monologue: "Awww, I HATE walking. I HATE memorials" and so on. At the American History Museum, he went so far as to give a thumbs down and blow raspberries at the reenactment of the 1960's civil rights counter eat in protests. Before you get all jumpy and think it's something racial, I assure you it was NOT. There were just a lot of people in his way. And the demonstration reenactment made it so Nate had to walk the long way around an exhibit. "Awwww, I HATE having to walk around people"........
This is pretty much the only photo of me on this trip. Oddly taken at the Vietnam Memorial. John tried to get one at the Washington Monument, but he is no Ansel Adams and so it didn't really turn out so well, but I wanted some sort of proof that I was there too.

The kids were dangerously close to the reflection water. Dangerously. They were probably trying to see all the kites...since our first day there happened to be the Kite Festival which was coinciding with the Cherry Blossom Festival. The Kites were amazing. Truly, truly amazing.

Jack for one, was happy at least.

I have lots of photos with Jack smiling, after saying, "Mom, take one of me doing this....Mom take one of me doing that". You'll see them, I promise.

This is me and the ghosts at the Korean War Memorial. This memorial was spooky, what with the etched marble reflecting the ghostly soldiers in the background. And yes, I know I'm in the photo. That was done on purpose. I call this one, "Me and the Ghosts"

Nate really got into 2 things in DC. One was this etched wall and the army guys in front of it. The other was the Astronaut Suit at Air and Space.

The Korean War Memorial is spooky. There's a handful of these white soldiers, marching through a 'field', and aesthetically, it's a bit disconcerting. Was the artist looking for the ghostly look on purpose because Korea is so easily forgotten? I'm not sure. In the shadows of other, more vastly grand memorials and monuments, this one stays with you, mostly I think because Korea was like a tomato in a WWII/Vietnam Sandwich. But it happened, boys died, and the Memorial is haunting, which is exactly why I liked it so much.

After our bit of sight seeing on day one, we headed back to our hotel, which rocked it. Every night from 5:30-7:30 there was a 'manager's reception' complete with drinks (literally, ANYTHING you wanted, top shelf and all that good stuff) and chips/dips/fries/veggie/snacky bar food. Totally what you needed at the end of a long weary walking day.
Don't even get me started on breakfast: omelettes made to order, bacon, sausage, pancakes, waffles, fruit, juice, cereal, bagels, pastries, donuts, and more. Totally worth it.